Honeycomb Craver Course

Added Honeycomb Craver Course the game archives under “Action”. I was finally able to find a few of the game level data files.

So, here’s something really silly: it turns out that the first three levels all have very similar level data. It’s sort of like playing the same level three times in a row, but with different graphics (desert, winter, and space). The fun part is because the game reads in plain text files, it would be really easy to create a custom stage layouts! Maybe that’s something I’ll try in the future.

UPDATE: The last two stages have been found! I’ve updated the game to include them. Unfortunately, the Jungle level is yet another semi-clone of the first three level layouts. The last stage, “City”, is the only stage with its own unique layout. It makes me want to create a “remix” version even more.

Play it here!


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