Candystand and Nabisco Mini Golf!

I’m happy to announce that I’ve added a few more games to the archive. My archival journey was a bit eye-opening in this particular instance. It turns out there are quite a few minigolf games created by Skyworks…

The Candystand and NabiscoWorld games have completely different courses, but there was something interesting about the NabiscoWorld version. At one point, there was a joint-effort golf game titled “NabiscoWorld/Candystand Golf Course” that featured Candystand products mixed with Nabisco products. That game was later rereleased as NabiscoWorld Mini-Golf and all the sweet Candystand products were reskinned with savorier Nabisco foodstuffs. For example, Hole 6 has gone from Trolli gummy worms to stacking Ritz crackers. I’ve archived both versions for you all to enjoy!

I’ve also managed to obtain the extremely rare Candystand Mini Golf Open, which at the time of this writing is unavailable on any other site or even through the web archive. It shares a few holes from the NabiscoWorld/Candystand Golf Course, but most of the holes are new. Additionally, Nabisco later released another minigolf game, confusingly named NabiscoWorld Mini Mini-Golf.

If you’re ready to give them a shot, check out the quick links below or visit the Classic Fun section to get started!

39 thoughts on “Candystand and Nabisco Mini Golf!

  1. Ryan Silberman

    OH MY GOD, MAN!!!
    You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting to play Mini Golf Open again! It’s been over a decade since the last time I ever saw it online, and I only had vague memories of it until now! I legitimately shed a tear when I played it again. Thank you so, so, so, much! I never even KNEW about the alternate version of Nabisco Mini Golf!

    On a smaller note, while this one isn’t as grand as the Mini Golfs already here, you actually forgot one other Mini Golf – Crash Nitro Golf. It was released to coincide with the Crash/Spyro promotions Candystand had going on. It’s a rather standard Mini Golf that has only nine holes, but it’d be pretty cool if you could archive that as well. ;)

    Either way, this has automatically become my favorite website this year.

  2. Marcos

    You. Are. AMAZING! I thought these games were lost forever!

    Do you plan on adding any other Candystand/NabiscoWorld games? There’s one i have in mind in particular called, in candystand, Pianapple Treasure Hunt. It starred an Indiana Jones lookalike who collected life savers to build random objects to solve platforming puzzles. He would put live savers together like legos to make ladders, bridges, ropes, and I think even anvils (or some other heavy object for crushing enemies). I don’t know what the game was called in NabiscoWorld, but I know it used oreos instead of life savers.

  3. PRIZZA Post author

    I’ll definitely look into adding more Nabiscoworld games and I’ll look for Pineapple Treasure Hunt. Thanks for the suggestion!

  4. PRIZZA Post author

    I’ll work on finding the Crash/Spyro variation as well. I remember it as well, but I didn’t know if it was worth it. Thanks for your suggestion!

  5. CSOG

    Wow. This is amazing. I have been looking for CandyStand Mini-Golf for quite some time now. This is incredibly refreshing. Thank you so much, I really appreciate it. Like I am back in the 5th grade again.
    I noticed some people making requests. Do you remember the CandyStand Home Run Derby game? Would be really cool to play that again although I am fine with just mini-golf. :D

  6. nyehmeh020

    OMG! this is so awesome! PLEASE tell me you will also try to add the postopia games too.
    (ESPECIALLY ultimate baseball and factory pinball!)

  7. Lilah


    I was wondering if you knew/remembered the name of the game on Nabisco where you click and slide a row so that you make a match of 3 or more vertically or horizontally? My parents loved to play it and I really wanted to let them play it again.
    Thank you!

  8. Chelsea

    My whole family used to get together around our old PC and play this together. Thank you so much for the nostalgia!

  9. JamesG

    Hey, I can’t seem to get any of these working. Do you know if they’re still available? I have shockwave downloaded and all that. Thanks. :)

  10. justin

    I too REALLY want pineapple treasure hunt, could you find a way to get that so I could play it?

  11. Nick K

    its not working i installed firefox and all the other browsers but i get an XTRA error in pale moon pls help

  12. Gage H

    Hey man, thanks so much for adding these mini golf games! They were definitely a good part of my childhood. I do have one small issue though. It appears that most of the games (Mini Mini Golf for example) partially loads, and then has a popup that just says “Error: 21” :( It doesn’t appear that there’s any more information to dig deeper to see if I could fix it myself, so I was wondering if you could take a look at it? If you could, I’d definitely be willing to throw a couple bucks your way!


  13. Scott Tannen

    Hey there,

    Thanks so much for posting these. I ran Candystand from 2000 through its Candy years and from 2007-2012 when it was owned by a company called Funtank, which I sold to Publishers Clearing House.

    Super proud of these games and very sad that the website was removed. I’ll do what I can to find a way to republish them — 100% free of course.

    Thanks for posting these and making today awesome for me.

    Scott Tannen, ex-Founder – Funtank

  14. PRIZZA Post author

    It’s an honor to hear from you. Your hard work is greatly appreciated – you helped alleviate a lot of collective boredom with these games!

  15. nyehmeh020

    Oh my gosh it’s the owner/runner himself! Scott, I want to ask, do you happen to have any relationship with the people behind the Nabisco World and Postopia websites? (I remember Nabisco world and Candystand being close partners) It would be AMAZING if we could get games brought back from those sites as well!

  16. Jay

    Hey guys! First of all, Prizza you are a hero my friend!!! Sucks that Candystand was shut down but you got the best games here! (mini golf in particular) Unfortunately I too am having the Error 21 message that Gage is having. I am using the 32 bit Internet Explorer and have shockwave player installed with permissions allowed. The games seem to load but nothing is clickable and that error comes up. If you have any suggestions, it would be much appreciated! Thank you!

  17. PRIZZA Post author

    Hey there! Let’s try to get your issue solved. First off, what operating system are you using? I could also suggest to try using the Pale Moon browser and see if you have any better luck. Would you be able to send me a screenshot of the error?

  18. PRIZZA Post author

    Sorry about your troubles. Which web browser and operating system are you using? If you could send a screenshot it would also be of use. Thanks for the report and I hope to get this sorted out soon!

  19. thug_bungalow

    how does one fix “** ERROR 21**”? I have shockwave installed and i am using the recommended browser

  20. Chris

    DigiEggz, Did you figure out how to fix the “Error 21” issue? I am having the same issue. I can open up:

    – Candystand Mini Golf Classic
    – And this one from nyehmeh020’s post –

    However, the other Minigolf games on your site I get the “Error 21” message. I have tried several browsers and re-installs of Shockwave.

    BTW Thank you for finding/saving these games. You are awesome.

  21. DigiEggz Post author

    It may be an error related to a newer release of Shockwave. We’re still trying to figure out the cause and may provide a specific download for an older Shockwave version that works. Thanks again for reaching out.

  22. Vanessa

    I was watching Steph Curry’s show on ABC and it triggered junior high Candystand/NabiscoWorld memories. My classmates and I would join in the same game to play and use chat to communicate since we weren’t allowed to talk. Thanks a million!

  23. CaEnDu

    Thank you so much, I’ve waited a long time for play this game. It’s wonderful. It remerbered me my childhood, I used to love the way that bears stole those golf balls, hahaha. So many fun and memories.

  24. Greenlungs81

    I’m so glad I found this I been looking for ever for this game is there any of the other games from Nabisco like the saloon shootout ext.

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