Junkyard Jump


Note: Please read this post before playing.

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17 thoughts on “Junkyard Jump

  1. Michael

    it was on Foxkids i cant remember the name but you would catch like boots and shoes and think you did the fishing in a old pool

  2. Me

    I played this when it first came out on fox kids and instantly loved it.

    I was like 11 and just got my first computer and everything.

    Started randomly looking for this about 5 years ago and could never find it, all of a sudden I get the urge to google ” Junkyard Jump ” at 3am this night/morn and HOLY OMGness I find it!

    I’m going to play this till dawn I think, Thank you for the memories and the game!!

  3. jeremy

    yeah its weird this game vanished from the fox kids site sometime in 2000/2001, was certain I would never see it again and like other games had relegated it to the olden days internet memories, then I decided strangely to search for the game to see if anyone knew anything about it, and lo and behold I find you have somehow acquired the dcr’s (which I myself assumed were deleted long ago) and actually made it work. Great work and thank you. :)

  4. matt

    can you find the one with the kid peeing in the pool and you couldnt get caught? it too was on fox kids

  5. PRIZZA Post author

    Could you give me some more details on the “pee game”? I’ve found a game called toxic torpedo where you have to fart in a pool, but nothing yet with peeing.

  6. Luc

    This is fantastic, you are a savior! Toxic torpedo was one of my all time favorites, so if you could upload that one it would be awesome. Also there was a game that was incredible where you were a kid fighting off nuclear mutant snowmen. If you could upload those, that would be amazing.

  7. Rach

    Wow! This is soooo awesome! I cant believe its actually on here after soo long! Man, there was this one game on foxkids that my brother and I used to play. It was like a ‘thanksgiving’ theme game where you play a turkey and drop turkey legs on people from above and get points for it. As long as you don’t hit the grandma haha. It would be KILLER if you could somehow find and upload it. :)

  8. Kross

    Dude, I felt the urge to play this a couple years ago and couldn’t find it, and now I found it here and I was so excited! I remember it being tougher, though…Probably because I was around 8 when I last played it. Jeez, I miss being a kid. Now I’m all grown up and planning to leave for Finland in a few years! Thanks for the pleasant dose of nostalgia!

  9. andrew

    Does anybody remember the game where u jumped a ramp into a pile of car and if u knocked them all down u went to the next level and sometimes u won new cars to jump the ramp with if u do could u post the games name

  10. Leo Elegado

    I downloaded the shockwave plug in but it still wont load! I decided to look for the game randomly bc of nostalgia also! thank you for this

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