How to Play Old Shockwave Games

Shockwave games have become increasingly hard to play, so I’ve been working on creating downloadable versions that you can play right on your PC desktop. Eventually I hope to archive the majority of Shockwave games, but it’s a long process.

If the game you want to play doesn’t have an offline version yet, you may still be able to play it using a special web browser + the Shockwave Player plugin. Visit the following page to download the Shockwave MSI Installer:

Shockwave Full Installer

Shockwave is no longer supported by most web browsers, but there are a few that still support it. I would suggest using one of the following confirmed working browsers:

The Shockwave plugin will need permission to run, so don’t forget to click “Allow” or whichever option your browser gives you.

If you’d like me to dig up a game from your childhood past that you can’t seem to find, feel free to ask in the comments! If you would like to support me you can buy me a coffee.

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183 thoughts on “How to Play Old Shockwave Games

  1. PRIZZA Post author

    I’ll look for it soon! Thanks for the request. EDIT: I found a part of the game (it used multiple parts to run) and you can play the beginning parts but Shockwave updates have rendered the game almost unplayable. I’ll upload it soon though for archival purposes so you can try your hand at it.

  2. Anonymous


    Regarding Merlin’s Quest: A few years ago, removed the game from their site, but you could still access the game if you knew where to look through google. At that time, I decided to download the .dir file for the game, but it only included the archery game and two of the four (I guess five) games in Merlin’s Quest, with the weird “come back in a week” bug. Judging from old (well, post mid-2000s), at some point decided to remove the game, and accidentally placed an old version of the game when it was still under development.

    Some point later, moved the game into another directory on their site. Long story short, today I decided to look for the Merlin Quest file online, only to find that it is a 34 kb file saying presents. What gives?

    Lenny Loosejocks can be easily found on Ezone, the original site for the game, while Donut Boy 3 is also on the original site. I do not remember ever seeing Donot Boy 1 nor 2.

    On a related note, is there any site dedicated to the preservation of old shockwave games, in particular, the many that were on before it became the crapfest that it is today? The Web Archive has simply failed to preserve most of the old games, and many of them do not run properly with modern computers. Would it be possible to contact the games’ respective owners?

  3. PRIZZA Post author

    I’ve been trying to do the same thing you are an preserving old shockwave games. You seem to have been able to backup more of the Merlin game than I have. I only have the main game launcher, which I have added here:

    If you have any .dcrs you’d be willing to share I’d be happy to throw them on the site as well. Also, if you have anything else you need help finding I’ll give it a shot as well. For example, I had to get the Tir Na Nog shockwave game from the company itself, as there wasn’t an existing copy on any Fox Kids archive.

    Happy hunting!

  4. Anonymous


    I’m not sure if the file is still on my laptop, since I just noticed that my dropbox folder has the game, but it’s also 34kb, implying that the version that I downloaded was just the intro loader that had a link to the rest of the files.

    Anyways, I was looking at the file you uploaded… It’s labelled as opening.dcr, but looking on, in the Merlin’s Quest directory (I don’t want to publicly link it, since I think it was my snooping around that got the rest of the games removed (probably not)) and editing the URL to include opening.dcr, I get a file not found. Do you remember how you managed to find the file?

  5. Anonymous

    Actually, looking at your file, I’ve managed to manipulate the URL on to give me the first two games. Now if I can only make sure that they aren’t just links to the game. I’m going to see if any other guesses will work. Thanks for the help!

  6. Anonymous

    Doing some packet sniffing on my own network, I have managed to find the two games +one (alchemy and castle + final battle) associated with the first half of the game. What would be the best way to send it to you?

    The only thing that isn’t working (besides the other two games) is the thing that calls for your grade whenever you hover over a game. I have no idea how to fix that however.

    Also, in the file you linked to (I would still like to know where you find that file), a lot of things are replaced with giant Xs, with the game saying it needs some shockwave Xtras. In my version, the Xtras are all there save for one. What’s up with that?

    With regards to the other half of the game – I don’t think it’s possible to get it without asking the authors directly. I have not been able to find any archived versions of the complete game anywhere online.

  7. PRIZZA Post author

    You can send me any files here:

    I found the incomplete file (no Xtras?) on an old archived site that saved one of the .dcrs before it was taken down. I can’t find the site right now but I’ll try to update this comment when I find it again. The original company that created the game was Adveractive –

    I’ll try to contact them to see if they have any assets but odds are they’re not allowed to share them. I may be able to hex edit the .dcr though and prevent the game from calling a grade, but we’ll see. Not sure if it’s worth it or not yet.

    Thanks again for the collaboration, it’s helped spark my interest again.

  8. Anonymous

    Hi, I’ve just sent you the files.

    Please disregard the message about the grades not showing up. It appears that your grades simply do not appear when you play the game offline, for whatever reason. It works normally online.

  9. PRIZZA Post author

    I’ve contacted the original game author and he has replied saying that he recalls spending 4 months of his life dedicated to developing the game almost completely on his own. He said that unfortunately he doesn’t own the rights to the game and that the game will “have to remain a memory”. I emailed him back asking for any information he has on the game in terms of extra games he may have programmed or if the “wait a week” message is on an in-gamer timer.

    In response to your email, do you recall any additional games available or what the final version was like? I noticed that the game doesn’t call for the frog game you found, but you mentioned that as well. I’m guessing the game cannot be run offline due to permissions issues that flash and shockwave games typically have (safety precautions they have programmed in). I downloaded the game from the website you provided, and its obviously an incomplete version that uses either archaic Xtras plugins or perhaps they were bundled in the final version but weren’t before.

    Is there any way I can privately contact you, maybe via email? I notice you like to remain anonymous so I will respect your privacy if not. Thanks again for all of your help.

  10. Anonymous

    Going completely off my childhood memory, the things I remember are this:

    There were only four minigames plus the final battle. That along with the two opening intros should account for seven files. It is unknown if any other files are included. the .cfg file I sent you was a link I noticed while packet sniffing. With the inclusion of the two files that we are missing (the last game and the updated opening), I don’t think anyone would be able to tell the difference between the game and the game as it was in the late 90s/early 00s.

    The missing minigames can be seen here: .

    The frog game is just a game where you have to throw lilypads towards the stream and let the frogs cross to your side, while making sure that they don’t go to the other side of the water and that you don’t throw a lilypad on them.

    In the dragon game, the dragons go around in a circle, and every once in a while they will pause. At that point, you use your wand (you didn’t have to charge it for some reason, unlike the final battle) and shoot a blast at them, while using your shield to block the dragons’ fire. It’s very similar to the final battle.

    With the four minigames, I remember them all being playable sometime in 2000 or 2001. Later when I revisited the game in 2004 or 2005, I saw the one week message, but visiting it again a year later, the full game was back up. A few years later, however, I noticed the one week message again, with no update to the game even months later. I would assume in principle that it’s possible to ask the author just for the filenames, since the message I sent to you obviously made note of the fact that the games are still being hosted on shockwave itself.

  11. PRIZZA Post author

    Hey again,

    I know you looked searched Google with the query “”, but how exactly did you find that specific sub-page link, the /sis/ directory? I’ve been trying different queries and I have yet to find that specific page link that you did. What types of keywords did you use?

    EDIT: I have also found the game url, hosted on a Netherlands site. Odd!

  12. Anonymous

    Try doing the search with “repeat the search with the omitted results included.”

    What should I search for to find the game hosted on that Netherlands site of yours? I saw no .nl links while searching for the game the past few days.

  13. PRIZZA Post author

    I’m beginning to get this feeling that the game may have a glitch. Maybe there’s code that actually checks if a week has past? I know the game must save user data offline, as my save data works between browsers. Are you able to locate where the game saves to on your PC? We may be able to edit it. A lot of users have complained about the game suddenly not working well, so I have a hunch that there is some sort of bug with how the game checks the date. Just a theory though.

    Also, I changed the google results for search for all examples of merlin’s quest within the range of the year 2000 – 2006. I found the site here:
    Doesn’t seem have much extra, though.

    I haven’t been able to find that link even with omitted results. Did you just type “merlin’s quest”?

  14. Anonymous

    I searched for “ merlin” (without the quotation marks). I don’t think there’s a bug, because I do remember a period of time where it was impossible to advance the game. Also, according to adveractive, “The result was Merlin’s Quest, an episodic game that was rolled out over a period of weeks on the web site. ”

    Also, the link you posted has the exact same content as the files I sent you. If you notice, ikspeel pulls its files from

  15. PRIZZA Post author

    Yeah, I noticed that the site is pulling from the same source as well. Thanks for the search query btw.

    It’s odd that they would have misplaced files though and then re-fixed it again. I guess that sort of thing happens. In my search for this game, I found a very lewd-named file that was once on shockwave’s servers. I don’t know if one of the developers had temporarily named a renamed a file as a joke or not, but it was pretty shocking. It’s the last result in the inklink folder found here:*/*

    Have any ideas what that’s about? haha

    Also, do you have any clues as to where or how the game saves its user data? I think it’d be god to take a look just in case.

  16. Anonymous

    I think that link you just posted is a directory mainly meant for shockwave’s preloaders.

    Merlin’s quest save file is saved under the name of “sm_adv_apprentice.txt”. It should be somewhere in your \Appdata directory. Looking at the file, it should be obvious that you can edit your score.

  17. sam

    Old old game I remember it was called fossil family quest for oil it was a shell.UK based game with a caveman era family looking for oil I miss this game my allllllll time favorite I would love to play it again

  18. Jason

    Please find Honeycomb Craver Course. In June or July of this year, I had a dream in which I got to play it and everyone judged me for playing it. I played in first grade/early 2004 and I’ve told people about Honeycomb Craver Course, describing it as “that game with like the falling spoons and all the levels are like the same” and friends will nod their head and say they remember it but I know they’re lying as they never wish to further carry on with that topic. I tried finding it through the Internet archive, but was unable to play the full version of the game. Please bring Honeycomb Craver Course back.

    PS- thank you for bringing back Quest for Cheese, the seemingly endless, pointless game from my childhood.

  19. PRIZZA Post author

    I’ve found it in bits and pieces, but the bad news is that it’s missing some core components. It loads the desert level (there’s also a snow level), but it tries to find a “desert.txt”, which doesn’t exist. I assume this file contains the level data, as without it it just loads a blank stage with no obstacles. I’ll have to keep looking to see what I can find!

  20. PRIZZA Post author

    Thanks for the link. I’m having a bit of trouble testing to see if the game calls for the file now, as this game isn’t the most stable in Shockwave’s current state. As far as I can tell the game just doesn’t load properly with Shockwave 12. I’ll keep you updated!

  21. Rob

    Hello, thanks for the help. I am struggling to get a game to work even using these browsers as you suggest. The game is Crash Course Football. The error message I get is ‘There was a problem loading this game (code check failed). Please check you are connected to the internet. Click OK to reload this page.’ Can you help at all?

    Thanks again,

  22. PRIZZA Post author

    Sure, could you link me to the game you’re trying to play? I can try my hand at recovering possibly missing files for the game.

  23. JD

    I’ve been trying for years to find a working version of a little known game by Paeony called SOS Emazonia – I found it on their website but can’t get it to work on IE or anything else.

  24. PRIZZA Post author

    Taking another quick look at the game, I think it’s interesting that I can start to play it before I get the message you mentioned. The message isn’t very descriptive, but I have a feeling that the game checks to see if it’s on the official site or not. If not, it produces an error message and halts. I’ll look into what I can do to fix the error, though!

    EDIT: The game looks for a file called “security.php”, which probably passes some type of variables to make sure the game is being played on ladbrokes. I’ll have to look into a fix for this since the game has been long unavailable.

  25. PRIZZA Post author

    Try using a browser such as Firefox or Yandex Browser. Both should load the game successfully if played on or one of the approved websites.

  26. Anonymous

    Apparently, the developers of the game were a team called Skive. I can’t find more information about them though, other than numerous results about a Skive FC.

    Looking up the game through google, the game last worked in 2013. Hope you find out more about it.

  27. PRIZZA Post author

    The last two games I’ve had requests to archive, SOS Emazonia and Crash Course Football (CCF), have anti-copy measures implemented. SOS Emazonia is still available online, although a bit hard to find, but perhaps I’ll take a took into removing the “security.php” check in CCF with a disassembler.

  28. DaBlizz

    If anyone can find a WORKING version of Supersonic RC, I would be ecstatic. I played that game in my tens, and loved the crap out of it. Would be nice to play it again.

  29. Ryan Silberman

    Hi! Do you think you could archive the following:
    -Bull’s Eye Saloon (Nabiscoworld)
    -Arctic 3D Racer (Nabisco/Candystand)
    -Tee’d Off (Candystand – Game is also known as Fore)
    -Sonic Spinball (2002 Candystand game)
    -Crash Nitro Golf (Candystand)
    -Armored Car (Nabiscoworld)
    -Sumo Wrestling (Nabiscoworld)

    It’s a long list, but I’d LOVE to see all of these available! I adored most of them back when they were around, and a couple of them I’ve never gotten to play before.

    (Also I wrote a news article about the Mini Golfs for – Hopefully the article will get published later)

  30. Marcos

    I have a question! Is there any way to preserve this:
    It’s a point and click promotional game for the undeservedly obscure Calamity Jame cartoon. This site has been around for ages without any updates or love given to it and I would be sad if it just randomly disappeared! I tried to see if I could download it through Chrome’s Inspect Element, but the game is spread out through various urls (one url per area of the game) and I don’t know what to do.

    Also to add to Ryan Silberman’s candystand/nabiscoworld list, I would love to see Pineapple Treasure Hunt and/or it’s nabiscoworld equivalent.

  31. tymime

    Some good news: I found a program called iSwiff that’s mainly designed for playing .swf files, but it also plays .dcr files if you have the plugin installed.
    The only problem is that it won’t play the one game I’m mostly concerned about- Trick-or-Treat Beat from Even if I open it in Safari, it doesn’t load. I’m stuck playing it on the website, but I’m always worried it will get taken down someday. I figure it must rely on some external file I don’t have, but I can’t guess what it is…

  32. PRIZZA Post author

    I try to avoid archiving anything that is still readily available on the web. However, I have taken note of Pineapple Treasure Hunt and it’s something I will archive when I find some extra time. Thanks for commenting!

  33. PRIZZA Post author

    When I am able to muster a little extra time in my schedule I’ll try to grab some games from this list. Thanks for the suggestions!

  34. PRIZZA Post author

    I don’t think I’ve seen a modern day Director game in a long while, haha! At this time I would like to refrain from providing archival links to the game since it’s still on an active commercial website. I’ll make sure it doesn’t get lost to the sands of time though.

  35. tymime

    Oh, well, it’s not what I’d call “modern-day”, at least as far as the internet goes. I can’t say for sure, but has it show up on the site in 2003. Later on there was a sequel featuring the Codename: Kids Next Door characters.
    Anyway, you don’t have to archive it now, obviously- I just want to know why I can’t get the .dcr I downloaded to work.
    I’m just grateful it’s still up at all, you know?

  36. John

    Hi. When the first Avengers movie came out, there was a very Angry Birds-esque game featuring the Avengers, and it was on a Wyndham hotels site. After a few months it came down as there was no longer promotion going on for the movie. Do you think that is something that could be found?

  37. PRIZZA Post author

    It’s still probably around somewhere. If it doesn’t show up on another site I’ll look into archiving it. It’s a very popular franchise still, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it pops up again.

  38. will

    I dont know if it’s even possible, but can you archive The Dogeball game from Candtstand? I tried replaying it before the webstite got shut down, but the plugins were unsuported by chrome.

  39. russell

    Hi, im looking for an old shockwave game, around 2000-2003, it was a top down type, with a town/suburb landscape. the robots were round and each robot had a number ranking, the higher the number the more powerful. the basic ones were red, and there were special bots like police bots.
    you spent the game roaming the map and destroying bots by shooting, or you could also hack and take over enemy bots.

  40. Suzy

    Hi there,

    I was sooooo excited to come across your site! :-)

    Using Chrome Browser…..have downloaded Shockwave and enabled plugin, but games still won’t load, sob :-(

    Any advice?

  41. PRIZZA Post author

    Hi Suzy! If you’re using Windows, I’d recommend the excellent Pale Moon browser. Not only is it a great overall browser, but it still supports Shockwave games! Let me know if you need any help.

  42. Eddy447

    I came across your site of old games that you upload. Anyways, painfully trying to find other lost games from any other sites but no luck. Here are the list of games that are lost if you want to add them on the list: games:
    Rock & Skate (made by Skyworks Technologies)
    Candy Drops (made by Skyworks Technologies)
    Stunt Bike (made by Skyworks Technologies)
    Poker Puzzler (made by Skyworks Technologies)
    Match Maker (made by Skyworks Technologies) games:
    Oreo Cream Team Journey (made by Skyworks Technologies)
    Honeycomb Strawberry Blasted Factory Frenzy (made by Skyworks Technologies)

    SWF flash games:
    Waffle Boy’s Mountain Adventure (for Postopia/made by Smashing Ideas)
    The Game Dome (made by Sparktop)

    As for Candystand games that I add the list above, if Nabisco has any Candystand games, then your best bet you might want to try was to contact former Candystand staff member or Nabisco staff member at LinkedIn (if you have LinkedIn premium account), Twitter, or Google+ to contact them and to ask them that.

    As for Postopia games, if Kraft has any Postopia games, then your best bet you might want to try was to contact former Postopia staff member or Kraft staff member at LinkedIn (if you have LinkedIn premium account), Twitter, or Google+ to contact them and to ask them that.

    If any of these didn’t work, then your best bet was to contact former Skyworks staff member probably at LinkedIn (if you have LinkedIn premium account), Twitter, or Google+ to contact them and to ask them that. Or you can contact Garry Kitchen (who works at Skyworks Technologies), and to ask him that if he has any, but I don’t know if he can reply or can help or not.

    As for SWF (that uses Adobe Flash Player), are you able of interested in SWF flash games? Just giving you a suggestion.

    For the game Waffle Boy’s Mountain Adventure, that uses Flash Player. Last time I contact Brian Burke from Smashing Ideas at LinkedIn for free, and he told told me that the client was Kraft and they would have had the final files for that game, and they no longer have any of the files dating that far back, and he told me that it might live on another site somewhere, but he is not sure. And I ask him which Kraft staff member who has that game, but to respond. So you might want to find any Postopia staff member or Kraft staff member and to ask them that, probably at LinkedIn, Twitter, or Google+. Wow, this is a lot of text.

  43. PRIZZA Post author

    I’ll look into each of the games when I find the time and I’ll try my best to locate them. Those were all quite popular games from what I can remember, so that improves my odds of finding them. It really helps to have them in a comprehensive list like this, so thank you!

  44. Eddy447

    No problem. And just to let you know. I already search those games (that I listed them above) from the Wayback Machine, but nowhere to be found and it’s missing and could not be recovered and was lost. So if still could not find them from other sites, then you would have to contact any staff member that I listed above and to ask them that yourself. Because it’s very hard to find any developers to find and contact.

  45. Eddy447

    Any luck of finding those games that I listed it above before? If still could not find those games or could not find any former Candystand and Postopia or Kraft or Nabisco staff member/developers to contact, then I would suggest you to contact Gary Kitchen (,, or David Crane (,, and maybe you can ask any of them if they have all old Skyworks Technologies games. Both of those guys no longer work at Skyworks Technologies. Just in case if still could not find any staff member to contact, and I would suggest you to add more context to yourself and to show them your site and with some Skyworks games that you upload, in case if you want to contact them.

    As for Waffle Boy’s Mountain Adventure game that I listed it before. I already contact Brian Burke (Smashing Ideas staff member) again at LinkedIn and I ask him which Kraft staff member who has that game, but he did not respond for a while. If still could not find any Smashing Ideas staff member to contact for that game, then I would suggest you to contact Smashing Ideas by phone ( and maybe ask them of information of that game and to ask them who has that game, if you want to get a quick response from them. Not sure if they can email you back.

    I’m afraid you won’t find those games (that I listed it above) from the web and the Wayback Machine because those games are missing. Just checking and to let you know.

  46. PRIZZA Post author

    I’m super sorry, but I haven’t had much time to search. I’ll try to make a project of it this weekend and see if I can turn up anything.

  47. Eddy447

    I already tweet to David Crane at Twitter and just got a response from him and he said that he does not have Skyworks games. I already tweet to Gary Kitchen at Twitter and I’m waiting for him to respond to see if he has Skyworks games. And I already contact the former Smashing Ideas staff member and I’m waiting for him to respond to see if he has Waffle Boy’s Mountain Adventure game. As I’m still waiting for them to respond, you would have to ask Nabisco/Candystand and Kraft/Postopia staff member themselves and to ask them that.

  48. PRIZZA Post author

    I decided to look a bit for Waffle Boy’s Mountain Adventure. So far, I’ve turned up a few weird little breadcrumbs. First, the game looks like a reskinned version of a game called “Bronk’s Mountain Adventure”. I don’t know how similar the games actually are, but I feel it’s important to note. Second, I’ve decompiled what I could find of the SWF and it looks like the main game was a loader shell and loaded in a bunch of data, such as xml files and even other swfs so that will make it harder to piece together. I’ll look into it a bit more and report back.

    EDIT: I was able to find a few of the core game files and I was able to play a bit of what might be a test level.

  49. Eddy447

    All I could find Waffle Boy’s Mountain Adventure game was here*/*. But I don’t know what to say. Some files was missing for that game and it’s to bad that the game was lost. Some folks from other site;_2004) who were still looking for that game could not find it. Anyways, I’m still waiting for the former Smashing Ideas staff member if he can email me back. If he able to respond, I’ll ask him if he has Bronk’s Mountain Adventure game. Unsure if he can get to me back.

  50. PRIZZA Post author

    I was able to get the game.swf to boot with a little bit of tampering. It starts you out on a weird stage with tons of tokens to collect, and there’s a door to exit that takes you to a main stage. I was looking at the code to see if I can figure out how to recreate the stage data, but it just would take more time. Here’s some pics of my progress:

  51. Eddy447

    Well if your trying to figure it out to create the data for that game, then feel free to do that. If still could not figure it out, then I would suggest you to contact Evan Clarrissimeaux and to ask him that. He no longer working at Smashing Ideas. And you might want to ask him if he has all old Smashing Ideas games (including Waffle Boy’s game). And make sure to show him your work for Waffle Boy’s game. You can contact him later if you want, in case if still could not find any games.

  52. Eddy447

    I just got a response from Gary here, and here is the quote that he tweet to me:

    “Sold Skyworks in 2010. New management had no interest in online game business. Games are not live to my knowledge”

    So I’m assuming Skyworks no longer interested in online games. Is there another way to respond to him back or are you able to respond to him at Twitter and to show him your site, in case if you want to get those old Skyworks games working again if he agrees?

    If not then have you thought of asking anybody from Nabisco/Kraft at LinkedIn and to ask any of them if they have any old games (including Skyworks games)? I’m afraid you would need to use the free trial of LinkedIn premium account for 30 days in order to contact them and to ask them that.

    Also here is the response from David that he tweet to me. I wish I have better news though.

  53. PRIZZA Post author

    In better news, I was able to find a few of the games mentioned previously: The Pineapple Treasure Hunt and the Candy Drops games. I’ll work on putting them up later next week! If there’s a game you’d really like to see in particular let me know.

  54. Eddy447

    Here is the list of games and with links that I found:

    -Oreo Cream Team Journey

    -Strawberry Blasted Factory Frenzy

    Trolli March

    Rock & Skate

    Stunt Bike

    Poker Puzzler

    Match Maker

    Candy Drops

    Just make it easier for you to look it up. But sadly most of those games are loaders. It’s needs the main game to get it to work, but I don’t know to recreate the files. Anyways how did you get or find Pineapple Treasure Hunt and Candy Drops game working or to recreate the files to work? Just out of curiosity.

  55. PRIZZA Post author

    Thank you a ton for the list, Eddy447. I’ll make good use of it! Most of the time the game content files are located on another website and I have to try and retrieve it from there. Jut a lot of searching from memory and finger crossing.

    One of the most difficult games I’ve ever archived was the Tir Na Nog Fox Kids game. I searched with really weird search terms and found it on a live version of one of the old developers sites, which is now gone for good.

  56. Eddy447

    Your welcome. Also here are the rest of the links for those games:

    The Game Dome (uses SWF file):

    Road Ready Streetwise 2.0 (uses Virtools engine):*/*

    For the game Road Ready Streetwise 2.0. That game is not a Adobe Shockwave game, it’s a Virtools game and is played using Dassault Systemes 3dvia Player. And that game made by Sarbakan for Chrysler. But unfortunately the Web Archive did not archive all files of that game. And due to the system they made, it needs to log in for they’re login account online, but too bad that the game is discontinued and it’s not available online. And someone need to contact Frederic Chabot and to ask him that.

    Also I have game called DJ Fu Wax Attack and DJ Fu Wax Attack 2. Anyways I have both of those games, but I could not get both of those games to work offline. Because probably the Beatnik Xtra did not work for that game. Also that game is no longer available from And I could not find anybody who can fix that game. Anyways are you able to fix both of those games to get it working again for offline play? If you want both of the files for that game, then if that’s alright if I can send you that by email? The links are in RTF file to see if you can search it up and to fix that game.

    And this is all I can send you, if I do find any more games that I want, then I’ll let you know if I want to see any.

  57. PRIZZA Post author

    I’m just mad because I can’t find that darn Oreo Creme Team game. It’s a Lemmings clone with marshmallow men! It doesn’t get much better than that!

  58. Eddy447

    Maybe try contact any staff member from here and to ask them that:

    You can also find other client to contact if you find any and to ask them that. In case if you looking for other games. That’s all I could find.

  59. Eddy447

    Have you find those games that I send you before? If not then for Postopia games, maybe search those games from Kraft site or other site if that’s the case. As for Candystand games, if still could not find any games, maybe search those games from Nabisco site or other site if that’s the case. As for the rest of those games that I listed them, maybe you can try search those games from other sites if you find any, in case if still could not find any developers to contact.

    Last time I email someone who used to work at Postopia and he told me that he does not have Postopia games, and he told me that he heard that Postopia were the property of Ralcorp, the company that bought Post Cereals from Kraft, but they were in turn purchased by Treehouse Brands. Here is a page with their contact info: I doubt they can’t bring those games back. If your looking for Oreo Cream Team game, maybe you can search it and other Postopia games from Treehouse Brands in case if still could not find it on other sites. That’s all I can think of.

    And again could you send me the link of where did you find Candy Drops and Pineapple Treasure Hunt game that you found? Just checking and making sure. Haven’t got a message for a while.

  60. nyehmeh020

    I got some Postopia games working! :D

  61. Eddy447

    Dear Prizza,

    Just want to update this message. I got game called DJ Fu Wax Attack 2 working, but the RMF file (that uses music for that game) of that game is missing (from the screenshot) after I pass the level for example:

    Could you find the RMF file of that game from site? Here is that game!bd90SbIK!sPakLfGRHu_EYevCyl29remoBWgh_d7zpNdY6gdyE2U, if you can find the RMF music file of that game.

  62. Eddy447

    Never mind. I found the rest of the files for DJ Fu Wax Attack 2 game. Please disregard this message that I comment. You can find DJ Fu Wax Attack 2 game with Shockmachine here that someone upload it. And that game will not work online, that game will only work with Shockmachine offline to play, if your interested in it.

  63. tomysshadow

    Don’t know if my friend Eddy447 here already mentioned, but I have a lot of old Shockwave games backed up.

    Adult Swim:!494jxC5Z!As6D0Pu63j-sVjDewcF_WA
    Currently only one game here, which is Candy Mountain Massacre. All necessary Xtras are included with the download.

    Very small handful of games considering how many there were here, just my personal favourites

    Strange little Myst parody, originally for Windows 3.1 but edited to work on Windows 10.

    3D Groove:!9xx1Fb6J!htG1PEOPan3QnbSB_j3m_A
    Only the 3D Groove SX games use Shockwave. Unlike the other folders this one is pretty complete. The Xtra and an example Projector is included.

    Another fairly complete selection.

    I’d also recommend looking up the Shockmachine Portable Edition, and I see this has already been recommended to you. I also see people are looking for Lenny Loosejocks, for anyone looking for those games you should be aware they still exist online at , if it doesn’t work check your Shockwave configuration.

    You also forgot an obvious list item, Internet Explorer (though not Microsoft Edge) can be used to play Shockwave games if you’re willing to put up with it for a bit!

    I’d also like to add that, if you want Shockwave to work more reliably with old games, you should install Shockwave Full, not Slim. This includes more Xtras so compatibility will be increased with older games. Choose Full from the dropdown here:

    You can also install a lot more Xtras here if you’re having technical troubles:

    I’d also like to contribute an additional way to play Shockwave games which doesn’t require any browser. If you look in my 3D Groove folder above, under 3D Groove SX > Stub Projector, you will find two zipped folders containing EXE files. These are Projectors which have been exported from Adobe Director, but with the EOF Extra Data removed in a hex editor to force them to load a separate file. Opening these EXE files will bring up an Open With dialog that allows you to choose a DIR/DXR/DCR file to play locally. Sometimes this will work for games, sometimes it won’t. You can even use the INI file to customize which file to play – see other games in the folder for some examples.

    I’m going to assume you know how to turned a Shockwave EXE into a DCR file? If not just ask, it can easily be done in a hex editor. Hopefully this is useful.

  64. PRIZZA Post author

    Thank you so much for putting in so much effort for the Shockwave community! Would you mind if I copied some of your suggestions into the main “How to Play” article? I’m also interested in how to convert a Shockwave EXE to a DCR. Any and all info you have on this sort of thing will be super helpful!

  65. tomysshadow

    Wow, fast reply! Absolutely, copy it in, and feel free to do whatever with the games I linked – after all, it’s not like they were mine to begin with.

    I have… tonnes of info on this sort of thing. Me and one other person are actually working to figure out the DIR/DXR/DCR file formats, it’s a confusing format but there’s been some progress. I’ve even managed to find out where in Director API the Lingo opcodes are…

    Here’s a little slideshow I put together to show how to convert a Projector EXE to a Shockwave DCR.

    I should also mention that you can extract resources from DCR files by using offzip or Jauder Naub, for the time being until there is a proper extraction tool.

  66. Eddy447

    Here is the game called Galidor Quest (made by Large Animal Games for LEGO) that Biomedia Project site upload it to play offline.

    WARNING #1: Do not play Boge Attack in Galidor Quest if you plan on beating the whole game. Or else a Shockwave error will appear after you’ve beaten Boge Attack when you reach the Artisoid Slave Camp or the Aquart’s Cavern.
    WARNING #2: After you beat Galidor Quest, you must only go back to Arbo through Kek’s portal. DO NOT go back to Arbo through Sewer Sector 5 and Dreejal Vin’s portals, or else the game will freeze.

    If you don’t know about that game, here is the walkthough video, in case if you never play that game before.

    Also that game does not save that game at all, and the XML data for saving that game is lost. If you know how to recreate the XML saving data for saving that game again, or another way to save that game, then feel free to let us know.

    And also I upload the missing file called uploadchar.dcr for Galidor Quest game here, if you could add the missing file for that game.

    And it would be better if somebody can create EXE projector for that game to play offline and to recreate the XML to save that game. And if that game have some glitch, then I would appreciate you to fix and repair that game. Just let me know of that game.

  67. PRIZZA Post author

    Thanks for the hard work! I haven’t had much time to work on archiving stuff but I’ll definitely come back to this.

  68. Eddy447

    A bit of an update. Anyways, if still could not find any hidden links/files for any games. You can use Process Monitor (, or Java Packet Capture Library (JPCAP) (, to see what files for any games it was looking for in case if any tools can find any more hidden links/files for any games. I’m not sure if it helps, but I hope any tools will helps.

    Anyways, here are the the rest of Java and CAB games that I upload it here!3EdklbwC!0l6ZqNykhDxZr-Kcyq_zeZJJxJ4eGL3RCzfIhJCTkCM and it needs more files from the site and I could not find any. And see if you can find the rest of the files. The links are in RTF file if you want to look at it and to help me with that.

  69. tymime

    Just wanted to pop in and say that Trick-or-Treat Beat works perfectly in the projector above. FINALLY.

  70. T..J.

    Hi, I appreciate the site. The classic mini golf game loads but eventually freezes once I get going(Internet Explorer). The same thing happens to a few pages I’ve found on The Wayback Machine.

  71. Eddy447

    A handful of people looking for Redline Rumble series. Anyways here are the Redline Rumble games that I upload it here!yYNnxZjT!mnWFN_RxPNJCDhvZ7FFhlzYHjDHNhZUBPeArk5mymFw. Because those games have been removed from site and no longer available to play. But the files I could not find was Redline Rumble Revolution game, if you have more time then feel free to find the rest of the files of that game, and the links are in RTF file if you can search it. If you can add it on your site.

  72. cannon9009

    Hey. Just noticed this forum is going on strong. I’ve noticed that some time in either 2013 or 2014, Nickelodeon removed a bunch of Spongebob, Dora, etc. games from the Shockwave site. The only place I can find these games now is The Pirate Bay, but I don’t care much for pirating games. I’m mainly looking for 2 games in particular, however;

    1. Spongebob Atlantis SquareOff
    2. Spongebob Bubble Rush

    I have a Shockwave Unlimited account that might be useable for these games depending on when they were released (since Spongebob Squarepants Monopoly thinks i’m entering it’s licence key when I use it on that game’s KeyHole pop-up).

  73. Luz

    Hey! Can you please find the game “Roll On”? I loved it and I never finished it. I want to finally finish it but I can’t because the plugins aren’t allowed on chrome anymore or on other browsers. Thank you!

  74. kiprianos

    i don’t how to play shockwave old games.shockwave is omly the top games i ever see! Anyway you know how to play shockwave old games? or else i will destroy your website do you hear me? okay i will give you one half chance

  75. justin

    I know my comment might just be ignored since there are so many, but is there any way for pineapple treasure hunt to be added? I know a few other people wanted that game too. Thanks!

  76. kingerikthesecond

    Hello. Anyone that has archived the game Redline Rumble 3? I can’t find a single working site that has it, because almost all of them hosts the game from Shockwave, who have removed it. I’ve wanted to play this game for a long time now, since I used to play it a lot when I was younger.

    Hopefully a working version is still out there somewhere.

  77. RumbleFan

    Can you find redline rumble. shockwave removed it at the start of the year i think. I might have the .dcr file. pls try and find it.thanks

  78. You know who


    I’m trying to get the IGPX TIE game, got it from the blogspot from a guy called Alshoff who did the “Toonami lost data” page wich is down now, but the blogspot its up. However, i can’t play the game ‘cus when i open the HTML from the PaleMoon browser you said, it redirects off to Cartoon Network Page :((((((((((((
    I need to run that f***** game, pleeeeeeeeeeeeease.

  79. Eddy447

    You know who,

    IGPX TIE game can be found it here that Alshoff upload it at Mediafire along with other Toonami games, if you want to download it.

    And just find that game from the folder and you can use Internet Explorer (from Microsoft Edge) to play that game and you would need to use XAMPP, if you want to play that game offline. And choose Apache server from XAMPP. And then go to C:/xammp/htdocs and put that game folder in that folder. And type in localhost and any games you want to type (http://localhost/anygames for example) in a browser, and it will work offline.

  80. CiDE

    I feel we should be on a chat or something. Maybe Discord or a random IRC channel, just to better the communication over here, because it’s hard to keep going with

  81. RolyPoly

    I know you may be busy, but if you could find a game like trolli march or allow me to play it, I will be very appreciative. I love the mini golf games you allowed me to play again, and I thank you for that.

  82. You know who


    Thanks a lot for your help, i did everything you told me to, but it stills redirects me to CN page or offline it tells me i need to be online. I’m doing something wrong maybe. If you could give me your email or something it would be amazing. However, this is mine;

    I agree with CiDE.
    Thanks for all your work Prizza, i got no money right now, but when i can and money exchange is in point i’ll do a donation.

  83. Hitman1914

    Can someone help me? I am trying to play some old Shockwave games and keep getting an error message that it failed because it’s missing an XTRA. I did download and run the full installer, so I’m not sure how to go about fixing this. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  84. justin

    For the game pineapple treasure hunt, I downloaded shockwave, but the game still seems very buggy and freezes a lot… is there a way to fix that? or do I have to live with it?

  85. Joe

    I think it’s great that you’re trying to preserve classic Shockwave games. I thought they were already hard to find a few years ago. Now it feels almost impossible for most of them.

    Would you like a few that I have? I don’t have many, but I tracked them down a few years ago in trying to find a few of my favorites, and just saved them to get back to in future. Unfortunately I don’t have many, and in fact I’ve never even run them since finding them, but they should be fine as far as I know. There’s a trio of “Merlin” games (not Merlin’s Quest) that were among the best Shockwave games I ever played…sort of action-adventure hybrids where you controlled a little wizard who could cast spells and went from screen to screen to do quests. And another I remember was a great Dawn of the Dead game or something. Anyway I have to dig through my files to check what there is but a)would you like them, and b)how do we get them to you?

  86. Joe

    Ok I’ve tried several times, across several days now, and all it keeps giving me is a “Discord has crashed unexpectedly” page. How I’ve come to loathe these games-focused services (Twitch is even worse). Anyway do you have some other way?

  87. PRIZZA Post author

    Hey again, sorry for the troubles. Are you visiting the Discord app in your browser or are you using the desktop program? If it’s the web version, I would suggest giving another browser a try. If not, please try out the desktop version. I would love to have you part of the Shockwave discussion group! Alternatively, you can try uploading it at

  88. desperate

    Does anyone know where I can play Trick or Treat Beat? :( you can tell cartoonnetwork is soulless when they retire some of their best games.

  89. The Phenomenon

    Will I ever play Sewer Run and Sewer Run 2 ever again? The .dcr file is on the web and downloads with say 6,26MB, but it redirects to when opened (some sort of sitelock?).

  90. tomysshadow

    Have you tried just skipping over the first few frames of the movie with Lingo’s go function? Sometimes that works, i.e. `go(2, “Pathname.dir”)`

    Use preloadNetThing and then `go the frame` on the next frame if you’re doing it online

  91. DigiEggz Post author

    Not yet, but thanks for asking. It’s helps to remind me to keep searching. I’m still surprised how hard it is to find the game despite how popular the game was.

  92. Racheal

    i have been trying so hard to play the game sweet tarts 3d on my laptop, i find the game but EVERY single place i go to play it at wont work. someone help :(

  93. DigiEggz Post author

    Have you tried opening the page with the Pale Moon browser? That has good compatibility and is an overall great browser, so I’d recommenced giving that a try!

  94. tomysshadow

    I know the version of SweetTarts 3D here works:!MoQCgRhL!nZs1f_ye0VDKoWqpn4qPcg

    I’d personally recommend getting Shockwave from this link rather than the version linked on the page here:

    Be sure to choose the Full version and not Slim for your platform. This will ensure all required components are included by default.

    Since NPAPI has been discontinued on Chrome and Firefox, you’ll need a plugin supported browser to play these games, such as Pale Moon or Internet Explorer, as is recommended in the instructions above.

    You can test your plugins here – be sure Shockwave is working correctly:

  95. Ian

    Hello! My internet white whale right now Shockwave Tetris, mostly because of the music tracks. (I love Tetris, don’t get me wrong, but the Shockwave version is the only one with this music, which was made special for it!) I found one artist already, but he didn’t make most of them…they came from a studio inside Beatnik audio, which went out of business. Here’s more info on what I’m talking about.

  96. Tyson Edwards

    I would like to find the old Chips Ahoy Chipulator! It’s hard to find haha but thank you for helping me play the Nabisco World Mini Golf!

  97. Aaron McGee

    Hey, DigiEggz, can you please fix the script error for Galidor Quest on the Mozilla Firebird Browser? This problem has been occurring since 2017 for some unknown reason. I was able to play the game and beat it just fine since November 2016 until some time after July 2017. Oddly enough, this problem has occurred for other people as early as January 2017… Anyway, do you think you could fix this issue so we can all play the game on Mozilla Firebird again?

  98. Ava

    Well, this was posted 6 years ago but, can somebody find Redline Rumble 4? Just the fourth one is what I’m looking for. I haven’t been able to find it anywhere and I’m so sad.

  99. Dave

    Just discovered this site after all these years. Is there any chance you could bring back Drift N Burn 365? It would mean the world to me.

  100. Anthony

    Hey guys, i’m looking for the Redline Rumble / Sewer Run series, i haven’t got lucky yet, that’s really sad. It would be great to enjoy those games as if i was 5 yrs old again to bring back some good old memories.

    PLS HELP! :(

    Btw, sorry for my spelling, not an english native speaker.

  101. tomysshadow

    No, it is Adobe’s official site. Just be sure to uncheck the free offers for Chrome/McAfee when it’s installing and you’re good.

  102. Corey

    Wondering if there is a way to get Whizzball back. Used to be on the discovery kids website. Was taken down a while back and I was unaware of this.

  103. Alex

    Hey there,

    One game I’ve been trying to get was the Shell: Le Mans game that was once upon a time on Miniclip in 2007-2008. I actually found out that the game is available in the old Miniclip websites using the Wayback Machine, but I can’t play it since it has a code check fail error (as much as you would expect if you try to play a Skive game nowadays, since their servers were shut down a long time ago). Here’s the link to the old website with the game:

    I also got the dcr link of the game, but it won’t get past the Shockwave loading screen. Here’s the link:

    I’m really hoping that someone found or will find the game soon, but unfortunately this is as much as I could find. If anyone can help me with this it would be really appreciated.

  104. Tony

    Any updates on a downloadable Candy Stand Mini Golf? I downloaded the DCR file and a stand alone shockwave player but the original game loaded each hole on demand and only the first hole was playable. please help!

  105. DigiEggz Post author

    For now, I would suggest to download the Pale Moon web browser and try visiting the game page with the Shockwave plugin installed.

  106. Jazz

    I find that shockwave doesn’t work on IE anymore? (windows 10)
    Trick or treat beat has apparently been taken down on cartoon network (and the rest of their shockwave games), anyone know how to still play ’em?

  107. Diego

    For me, Firefox 51(.0.1_0222029857) works like a charm in Windows 7 with the MSI installer of Shockwave Player I still have to try it in Windows 10 though.

  108. Korporal K. reep

    I remember two games that i used to play until shockwave got rid of em one was a hockey game one was mall cop and the otherone was a football game where you controlled helmets any chance you could ressurect these

  109. Fi Jane

    I have a Shockwave game I made in Director the late 90’s – having trouble playing it on my Mac. I have installed Sea Monkey and Adobe Shockwave but still no luck. OS is associating .dcr as Kodak raw files. Any advice on how to make this work welcome! Running 10.14.3.

  110. hafsa

    hi, could anyone teach me how to play “creep TV”, the old courage the cowardly dog game that used to be on cartoon network? will buy you a coffee if we can get it to work!! thanks

  111. MaouYumisu

    Checked BlueMaxima Flashpoint for Sport Fishing and got nothing. Dcr for it exists but not the levels.

  112. Patricia

    would anyone know the name of the shockwave game from early 2000’s that was taking place
    on an ocean shoreline, you torpedoed sharks/dolphins. there was a man going into the water i think there was also a distant ship. sorry for being so vague, i’m old and this was the fun part of learning the computer, 20 years ago. My first computer (IBM), said Y2K ready, on the box.
    Thank you so much.

  113. Donna Leer

    I had the shockmachine with Merlins Quest on an old computer that the harddrive was wiped or reset. Is there any way to reteve this?

  114. Lima

    Does anyone have the game spongebob Atlantis squareoff? I tried to use it with my shockwave unlimited, but it didn’t work.

  115. Yusozo

    I downloaded the game trick or treat beat, ut when opening it, it’s so small I think it’s almost impossible to play the game at all.

    Is there any way to resize the window when playing the game?

    Or is that impossible?

  116. Morgan

    Will you make the old Wonka Sweet Tarts game? I used to love that and I can’t find anywhere to play it!!! Thanks!

  117. Sophie Allen

    I have been trying really hard to find Cornfield 5000 but no luck. If anyone knows somewhere to play it, please let me know!

  118. Alex

    Mini Golf: The Next 18 and Sweet Putt Mini Golf. From Candystand. I still want to play these games.

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