Merlin’s Quest

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Note: I’ve fixed Shockwave’s infamous “one week” glitch, thanks to help from a friend. Enjoy!

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12 thoughts on “Merlin’s Quest

  1. Justin Lee

    I loved this game back in 2000. However, I do remember that this game was savable with the good ol’ Shockmachine. I tried saving it tonight on a new computer & it was not savable. Would it be possible to make it savable once again?

  2. Nat

    Oh my f**king god. Thank you so much for getting this back up. I loved this when I first started using Flash and Shockwave! Nostalgia <3

  3. PRIZZA Post author

    The author never programmed fullscreen support for this game, unfortunately. There may be a way to manually provide fullscreen though!

  4. tomysshadow

    It’s possible for the game to be embedded in fullscreen. You need to add the attribute swStretchStyle=”fill” to the embed tag and <param name=”swStretchStyle” value=”fill”> within the contents of the object tag. Then add width=”100%” and height=”100%” to both the object and embed tags.

  5. Kay

    I’m so happy to have found this game! It seems to have disappeared from the internet almost completely. The game keeps freezing up on me though, any advice on how to prevent this?

  6. PRIZZA Post author

    Awesome insight. I’ll work on adding a fullscreen page version soon. Thanks again for all of your help.

  7. Oscar

    Please send address where I can purchase such vintage game. I used to play it quite frequently on Shockwave. But then I saw that the game was missing one or two parts, the dragon’s game and the lilypad frog crossing game; and Shockwave would say the next couple of weeks they would be available. Then the weeks turned into months and finally the game was gone from the Shockwave website.

  8. Juliana Stewart

    Hello. I would very much to play and/or download Merlin’s Quest but I can’t. I do have the MSI Installer installed so I don’t quite know what I’m doing wrong. If you could help me I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you for your time.

  9. Shawn R

    Actually I’m looking for the same thing, if anyone has an update or has this game saved I’d love to play it again!

  10. Oscar

    Today is March 28th 2021. Although Adobe discontinued support for Flash starting 2021. I was able to play Merlin’s Quest on your site (even with Edge) without have to change the clock until last week. Then W10 updated andit read on the pages plugin not supported and would not allow me to back date my clock. Where I had to switch to IExplorer. Any plans or suggestions to take us through these times to keep these games time-proof? Where these information companies wish to impose their planned obsolescence on all of us? Best of Luck !!

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