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Captain America is an all-rounder that can be played as both a team tank and a support character. His decent defensive stats and Absolute Defense ability allow him to provide cover to his teammates. In addition, he does well with crowd control, can help stagger bosses and has a unique skill that can give the entire team an attack-up bonus.


Strength (STR)

Resilience (RES)

Vitality (VIT)

Durability (DUR)

Mastery (MAS)

Energy (ENE)

How are stat ratings calculated?

Ratings formula is (character stat ÷ max stat).
Character stats may change as new characters are added.
S (100)
A+ (97-99) A (93-96) A- (90-92)
B+ (87-89) B (83-86) B- (80-82)
C+ (77-79) C (73-76) C- (70-72)
D+ (67-69) D (63-66) D- (60-62)
F (0-59)


Element: Fire, Ice, Shock
Allows Captain America’s shield to be elementally charged, giving an ability attribute to attacks for a short while. This can be activated by special ISO-8 or by being in range of a team member ability that adds element.

Attacks & Abilities

Light Attack Melee
A 4-hit combo string. All four hits are melee-type attacks.

Heavy Attack Melee
Tosses his shield straight ahead to deal decent Stagger damage. A melee-type attack.

Air Attack Melee
Captain America slams down to the ground with his shield. This is useful for when you find yourself above an enemy after jumping over an attack or obstacle. A melee-type attack.

Shield Dash
Charges forward and rams through enemies with his shield. It’s his best option for dealing Stagger damage. The button can be held to charge the attack and deal more Stagger damage without costing extra EP. Compared to other Charge synergy attacks, it’s medium-range and cannot be steered.

Absolute Defense
A defensive stance that activates a giant energy shield. This ability will shield you from almost any attack and can also protect team members. Its Safeguard trait allows it to synergize with several types of abilities and proves to be his best damage dealer.

Shield Strike
Hurls and bounces his shield off of enemies and walls. Shield Strike is very useful for attacking and cleaning up enemies that are in scattered groups due to its auto-seek and damage output.

Super Soldiers
Increases your team’s attack damage for a short amount of time. The range of this effect is very generous, so feel free to use it anywhere on the battlefield. Team members have an orange glow effect while the buff is active.

EX: Extreme
Captain America throws his shield and it bounces around to form a red, white and blue star shape all before he catches his shield mid-air and crashes to the ground. The area of affect and final powerful strike work well for both groups of enemies and single targets.


Boss / Strong Enemy
Use Shield Dash to quickly reduce their purple Stagger bar to stagger them. If you’re low on EP, focus on using his “shield toss” heavy attack. Once staggered, try to get an attack synergy with either Absolute Defense or Shield Dash to Stun the enemy. You can also use an Extreme attack to Stun a staggered enemy.

From there, focus on dealing damage by holding Absolute Defense and landing attack synergies with team members. Another option is to try getting synergies with Shield Dash if no one synergizes with Absolute Defense or you’re attacking the enemy alone. Use light attacks if you need to recover EP.

Weak Enemy
Shield Strike is the best way to clean up all the peons wandering the stage. It can quickly attack scattered enemies without having to waste time running around to each one. Captain America’s light and heavy attack work well here too.


  • Always make sure that the Super Soldier buff is active, recasting whenever it runs out. It helps your entire team deal more damage.
  • When using Absolute Defense as a “Reflect” Synergy attack, make sure to position yourself so that both the original attack and Reflect particles damage the enemy. The shield must be facing the original attack to activate the synergy.
  • Absolute Defense will protect you on all sides when active, regardless of the direction the shield is aimed.
  • Don’t worry about charging Shield Dash if it will end up getting you hit. Only focus on charging when you have a clean opening.
  • If many enemies are in a straight line in front of you: use Shield Dash to bowl them down or use the ranged “shield toss” heavy attack if you want to regain EP.
  • Pepper in light and heavy attacks to keep your EP up. Using an ability directly after a light or heavy attack will help to speed up the light/heavy end animation.
  • If you want to spam a heavy attack, hold L while repeatedly tapping the heavy attack button to speed up the end animation and use the attack at a faster rate.

ISO-8 Builds

Still working on this one. If you have suggestions for good options, please let me know in the comments!


Avengers + Civil War
(Leave a comment if you know!)


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I will continue to update this guide with new information. Thank you for reading and good luck out there!
All data is current as of v3.0.1

Credits: Thank you to Azztec for extra information. A special thanks to Xyro77 for providing base stat info and to mint for help with data entry.

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