Dr. Sbaitso Online

Ask Dr. Sbaitso any questions and he’ll try his best to help resolve them. You’ll need to allow this app to “Run” when prompted. If you can’t type, click on the game screen to focus the window. Type “help” (without quotes) to see a list of commands.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Sbaitso Online

  1. Don Mann

    I remember how much fun this program was in 1992 Running DOS 5.0 & windows 3.1 Has anyone seen the parrot program from back then :@)

  2. feez

    Omg i feel like im back in my teenage yrs hahahah…and i remember the parrot as well…sigh,simpler times,such bliss…

  3. jera

    just a warning, there is a LOUD quick second of static that scared the ever living hell out of me when you first boot it up, so watch out

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