Retro Series: Junkyard Jump

Junkyard Jump Title ScreenI had an urge to play an old game from my childhood known as Junkyard Jump; I even managed to remember the name. Much to my horror, I could not find this gem anywhere on the internet. After digging and digging, I finally found some of the asset files that this game used, and after heavily testing how Shockwave Director files worked, I was able to reconstruct this wonderful game…

I’d like to share it with you, the community, so that you may once more bask in the glory that is Junkyard Jump. In order to play the game, you’ll need to ensure that you have Adobe Shockwave Player installed (I still miss when it was Macromedia Shockwave ;_;) and you need to “Allow” it to run when prompted.

You can enjoy the game by visiting the Retro section, or by clicking here.


About this game…

I did find a way to run the game without the “Fox Kids” pre-loader, but I decided to keep the loader intact for nostalgia’s sake, even though the break-out game isn’t functional. This game had a smaller game that loaded for you to play while you waited for the main game to load, in this case Junkyard Jump. Dial-up couldn’t even handle a 1 meg game without needing to give you a mini-game to bide your time. I don’t particularly miss 56k speed, but I do look back on it with a smile.

Here is an outline of a few graphical glitches that may appear with current Shockwave players:

  • Vehicle parts sometimes load in slightly incorrect positioning
  • Before the start of a race, the vehicle graphics will flicker to default values
  • Mouse occasionally disappears. Try holding right-click and dragging until a pointer appears

There have been reports of this game/Shockwave 7 not working with particular web browsers, so I would suggest using one of the following confirmed working browsers:

If you’d like me to dig up another game from your childhood past that you can’t seem to find, feel free to ask in the comments. If you find any other glitches let me know so I may update this post.


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6 thoughts on “Retro Series: Junkyard Jump

  1. PRIZZA Post author

    I think I can get my hands on the assets for the Digimon game, and I’ll look for the Mystic Knight game as well. Was the Mystic Knight game also a Fox Kids game?

  2. Penna

    Could you try to get the Power Rangers in Space game from Fox Kids?? The one where you play with the red ranger on that “speeder” racing through space? It would bring so much memories.. Thanks!

  3. Shiv

    you are the freaking man!! i remember playing this game back when i was in maybe 4th or 5th grade maybe 6th i forget but i remember trying to look for it a couple years back and couldnt find it, instead i found an article telling me that the site had been shut down along with all the game = (, this def brings back alot of memories !!!

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