Bug game dev update #2 (BUG FIGHTER)

Pillbug vs. cat - who will be the victor?

Pillbug vs. cat – who will be the victor?

Hello guys, just wanted to give you another update on the current standing of the bug game that I’m developing, which is now known as BUG FIGHTER.

I’ve completed two different bug characters at this point and have already started on integrating an online multi-player mode (2P), and have gotten a good bit of it done already. I’ve found in the past that it’s good to integrate online gameplay as soon as possible so that you may develop the game around the online system instead of having to rewrite code later on.

I still can’t say when the game will be ready for the public to test, but I assure you the date isn’t too far off. I’m hoping to get a beta out within the next few months. I hope you guys can hang tight, but until then I’ll keep you updated on BUG FIGHTER’s progress.

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