Merlin’s Quest

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Note: I’ve fixed Shockwave’s infamous “one week” glitch, thanks to help from a friend. Enjoy!

Note 2: Chrome doesn’t work very well with this game. I’d suggest Firefox.

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4 thoughts on “Merlin’s Quest

  1. Justin Lee

    I loved this game back in 2000. However, I do remember that this game was savable with the good ol’ Shockmachine. I tried saving it tonight on a new computer & it was not savable. Would it be possible to make it savable once again?

  2. Nat

    Oh my f**king god. Thank you so much for getting this back up. I loved this when I first started using Flash and Shockwave! Nostalgia <3

  3. PRIZZA Post author

    The author never programmed fullscreen support for this game, unfortunately. There may be a way to manually provide fullscreen though!

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