Elf Bowling Download (PC, Mac)


Remember playing Elf Bowling back in the late nineties? You can play it once again this Christmas season!

I found an old exe floating around on my computer and I thought I’d share it as an early Christmas present. I’ve also ported it to Mac via WineSkin if you don’t have access to a PC. If you’re running Windows click the “PC” version. Happy Holidays!

Elf Bowling (PC)

Elf Bowling (Mac)

*To open 7z files (it’s like a zip file) you can use an extraction tool such as 7-Zip for Windows and Keka for Mac.

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34 thoughts on “Elf Bowling Download (PC, Mac)

  1. Moriah

    Just got a mac for the first time in my life. I have no idea how to use this thing…..NEED ELF BOWLING FOR MAC! please

  2. Kelley

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS!!! I’ve SOOOOO missed this game… and the fact that you’ve made it Mac friendly… WOW!!!! You ROOOOOOOOOCCCCCCCKKKKKKK!! :)

  3. Tracy Simmons

    Thank you for this classic. I’m not a “gamer” but I do love me some elf bowling at Christmas time.

    I was afraid this one had gone the way of 45 rpms.

  4. Hildegard

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  5. PRIZZA Post author

    To extract the game, you’ll need a program like Keka. The game is zipped up with this to help save space. After it’s unzipped, you’ll see the game app file. Double click it to open it and you should be good to go. Have fun!

  6. Joe Gindhart

    I am unable to open Elf Bowling on my Macbook Pro running OSX 10.12.2
    Getting this error message whenever I try and open it-

    “ERROR! cannot write to Info.plist, there are permission problems, or you are on a read-only volume.

    This cannot run from within a read-only dmg file.”

    any idea what I could be doing wrong?

  7. PRIZZA Post author

    I saw an unofficial version floating around the web for Android, but it just bundles a Gameboy Advance emulator. It was a little fishy, so I wouldn’t advise downloading it.

  8. Julie

    A thousand thank yous. I loved this game when it first came out and love to play it every Christmas. Never liked the sequel.

  9. Rosey

    I’m getting error message

    “An error occurred while starting the X11 server: “Failed to activate core devices.”

    Click Quit to quit X11. Click Report to see more details or send a report to Apple.”

    Any ideas? :)

  10. PRIZZA Post author

    I think some newer OS have had trouble with this particular game. I’ll try to set some time aside soon to get it running properly with Sierra. Thanks for the heads up!

  11. PRIZZA Post author

    Maybe there was an error grabbing the correct file or there was an advertisement popup somewhere. I’ve updated the post with new links so please try again. I’m sorry for the issues!

  12. PRIZZA Post author

    Update: I updated the Mac version to try and resolve the newer OS issue. Please try the new version and let me know how it works.

  13. Can

    “ERROR! cannot write to Info.plist, there are permission problems, or you are on a read-only volume.
    This cannot run from within a read-only dmg file”

    any help? I can’t find this original anywhere else.

  14. sherry ramirez

    thanks so much for putting this up. I had a hard copy of that first one and the second one and cannot find them. I love them and was a little sad so thanks for doing that.

  15. PRIZZA Post author

    I’ll try to look into the problem this weekend. In the meantime, have you tried dragging the game from the DMG to your Desktop and then running it from your Desktop?

  16. Molly Bauer

    I’m new to using a mac. I’ve downloaded the file and keka and have extracted the files. When I click on the elf bowling icon nothing happens. Am I missing something?

  17. PRIZZA Post author

    Sorry for the inconveniences! When you double-click the icon, does it show any sort of “expanding” animation? That will let you know that it’s trying to open the application. If the app doesn’t seem to want to open, please let me know what version your Mac is. You can find this by clicking Apple -> About This Mac and looking at the Version number.

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