Subservient Chicken

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Type something you’d like the chicken to do and press Submit! There around 322 different things the chicken will do. Can you find them all?
If you don’t wanna guess you take a look at the Action Cheat Sheet. *You can also download the SWF file to play offline!

Disclaimer: “Subservient Chicken” is a trademark of and © 2001-2012 Burger King Holdings Inc. This website is not endorsed, sponsored, nor otherwise affiliated with Burger King Holdings Inc.

17 thoughts on “Subservient Chicken

  1. DAVIE

    Yeyyyy. I’m glad he still exists on here! Damn you Burger King for removing him and replacing it with a rubbish video! Why didn’t they just add more moves?

  2. Ralph Roullard

    I told him to “melt like one of dali’s watches” and he did what could best be called an interpretive dance. Fairly long one too.

  3. SantaBob

    I downloaded the file, but none of the offline flash players I’ve used has worked. I get everything except the Chicken.
    FlashOffliner, SWIFF both had everything on the screen except where the Chicken should be. Just the black box frame.

  4. Dr. Benjamin "Fiend for salts" Dover

    I told him to fetch me some bath salts. It worked, but I accidently did too much and picked up an assault charge =/. Anyone know a lawyer who specializes in accidental cannibalism?

  5. DigiEggz Post author

    Looks like some files need fixed. I’ll try to get it working again when I have some time. Thanks for the notification!

  6. Landa Buttercup

    We’re on vacation. Our kids found us and geeped the game. So we are working on finding a new subservient chicken.

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