Sonic Classic Heroes Online

You can now play the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive ROM hack Sonic Classic Heroes online via a flash-based emulator.

Sonic Classic Heroes is my favorite Sonic based hack I’ve ever played. The gameplay of Sonic 2 is rearranged to allow you to switch between Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles, Sonic Heroes style. In the latest expansion, titled Sonic Classic Heroes – Rise of the Chaotix, you can now play as Team Chaotix as well! This includes Espio, Vector, and Charmy Bee.

It’s not only a great single player game, but you can play with two other friends thanks to MultiTap support.

Thanks to the website SSEGA, you can now play Sonic Classic Heroes online. Click here to play!

Controls and a download link to the game are on the page. Have a blast!

4 thoughts on “Sonic Classic Heroes Online

  1. Melani

    geez. It is obvious that Shadow and Rouge have feenilgs for each other. Haven’t you played some of the later games they’re in? And besides, Knuckles does not love Rouge, and the only reason why he teams up with her in Sonic Rivals 2 is to get his darn Master Emerald back. In all honesty, the idea of a relationship developing between those two doesn’t work out. Rouge’s hints of feenilgs towards Knuckles is a crush, which is just a short-lived infatuation, not affection. The stuff she shows towards Shadow, however, is actually part of a sort of deep emotion and compassion she feels for him. Before you say anything about them not having feenilgs towards each other, think about it: Shadow and Rouge are not brother and sister. They’re not related the last time I checked, and (in Sonic Battle) Rouge called Shadow a prince and carried him to her place, and is something a sister would never say to a brother. So this could mean that it’s possible to see affection between Shadow and Rouge. Now, I won’t stop anyone from supporting Knuckles/Rouge because that is their own personal opinion, but thinking that Knuckles/Rouge is canon and that Shadow should be an ice-hearted loner or yaoi material or some fangirl’s boyfriend, is not acceptable. Fanfic writers and such have ruined characters so much, and it has been very difficult for me to look at anything Sonic these days. It’s sad that a bunch of losers have ruined a great gaming franchise that we all know and love because of the trash that they create.It is possible that they might release Chaotix and SegaSonic the Hedgehog in a future Collection’ game, but we don’t know for sure unless SEGA makes one or not. We can all hope, though.

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