Street Fighter X Mega Man for Mac


I’ve taken the liberty of “porting” Street Fighter X Mega Man for the PC to OSX. I use the term “porting” loosely because I created a wine shell for it.

The window properties were very unstable so I forced the game size to a virtual desktop, so you most likely wont be able to play full screen. It took me a while to get the audio working, and I noticed there’s a slight delay, but I figure it’s better than nothing.

The game version is US, but if you want support for another region, please leave a comment. If I see that there’s enough support for a particular region I’ll port more game versions.

To use the F1 – F4 keys, make sure to hold the “fn” key first and then press the key (fn-F1, for example). You can also press fn-F2 to setup keys during a stage (default movement is WASD). To quit, press either Esc or Cmd-Q. You’ll also need a way to extract .7z files (Keka or The Unarchiver works).

Caveats aside, I hope you enjoy this release!

Update: Version 2.0

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9 thoughts on “Street Fighter X Mega Man for Mac

  1. Kaleem

    Thanks for your hard work. do you know how to stop the switching that occurs after you gain a new power? i beat chunli, but her power kept switching between the megabuster and the kicks. i couldn’t do either voluntarily . thanks for your time

  2. PRIZZA Post author

    I read about this happening to someone else. Their solution was to try “tapping one of the buttons”, as that fixed their Mega Buster from constantly charging and shooting.

    I would suggest trying to remap the troublesome button(s) to different keys. Let me know if this works for you.

  3. SashaMan

    Thanks! Awesome game!! It really brings back the old school megaman vibe!! I just had a little problem with my screen flickering during gameplay and it is continuing to do so after I turn off the game, reset the laptop, etc.. let me know if you have any fixes because right now I’m trying to uninstall/reinstall to see if that works.

  4. PRIZZA Post author

    At what point does the flickering start and what does it look like? Could you provide a screenshot? I’ll try and help ASAP

  5. Dino Gio

    Hello, I just downloaded the game and it happened! my screen started flickering and it just won’t stop. I’ve made a SMC reset and nothing happened. Please, I don´t want a flickering screen, could you help me?

  6. PRIZZA Post author

    Your screen continues to flash even after you’ve restarted your computer? I tried looking for persisting screen flickering with wine but I couldn’t seem to find anything. Please give me more details for your symptoms.

  7. Brian MacLean

    How did you fix the flickering screen issue, mine was also left flicker after running the app, I’ve reset pram smc still flickering persists. Please help!

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