Subservient Chicken Command List

Here is a list of all of the commands and actions that the Subservient Chicken will recognize. These were ripped directly from the game.

Warning: Contains some “fowl” language. Heh.

  1. stand, wait ,stay,default,inactive
  2. bow,congratulations,thanks,nice job,awesome,congrats,honored,konichiwa,chicken,bueno, cool ,this is cool,this is so cool, wow ,amazing,i like you, nice , youre nice , your cool , yer cool,coolio,coolbo
  3. bow,congratulations,thanks,nice job,awesome,congrats,honored,konichiwa,chicken,coolbo,coolio,bueno, cool ,this is cool,amazing, wow ,this is so cool,good job
  4. scratch,head,noggin,forehead,hair,think,mop brow,sweat,inactive,turing,why not,what do you think,think so,yeah,maybe,dunno,i don’t know,if you say so,could be,i guess so,what do you think,why is that
  5. scratch,crotch,balls,nutsack,destroy tokyo,stomp,godzilla,jonny rotten,punk rock,fsu,fuck shit up
  6. scratch,knee,leg ,wipe feet
  7. scratch,knee,leg ,pull penis,yank,crank yankers,between your legs,look between your legs,marilyn manson
  8. hokie,hokey,pokie,pokey, spin ,dance
  9. scratch,ass,butt,bootie,bootey,booty,badonkadonk,tush,kaboose,trunk,buttock,buttocks,arse,tushy,toosh,tooshy,tail ,behind,lay an egg , egg ,squat,arse
  10. scratch,stomach,belly,stomack,stomuck,tummy,abs ,waist,midsection,flex,crush
  11. shake,wiggle,ass ,butt,bootie,bootey,booty,badonkadonk,tush,kaboose,trunk,buttock,buttocks,arse,tushy,toosh,tooshy,tail,right,shake,arse,junk in the trunk
  12. shake,wiggle,ass ,butt,bootie,bootey,booty,badonkadonk,tush,kaboose,trunk,buttock,buttocks,arse,tushy,toosh,tooshy,tail,left,behind,hump,arse,fanny
  13. funky chicken,chicken dance,boogie,jive
  14. funky chicken,chicken dance
  15. funky chicken,chicken dance,strut,march,travolta,saturday night fever
  16. hit ,slap,smack,punch,bang, head ,noggin,forehead,brain,salute,klink,colonel,leiutenant,admiral,captain,aye aye
  17. hit ,slap,smack,punch,bang,head,noggin,forehead,brain,hunt,peck couch,couch
  18. wave,do the wave,cheer,sorcery,spell,magic
  19. hop right,right leg, leg ,foot,right foot
  20. hop left,left leg, leg ,foot,left foot
  21. yoga, zen , chill , peace , calm down , peace out ,downward dog,upward dog,sun salutation,stretch,exercise,lick floor,tae bo,aerobics,taebo
  22. dog, pee ,crawl,hydrant,woof,ruff,fido,snoopy,santas little helper
  23. jumping jack,jumping jacks,exercise,warm up,warm-up, fly ,calisthenics,jump up and down
  24. tango,dance, cha cha cha,opera,theater,sound of music,foxtrot,fandango,rhumba
  25. ballet,plie,pleya,arabesque,arabasque,first position,changement
  26. raise , roof ,raise roof,dance,victory,celebrate,booya
  27. blow kiss,kisses,blow a kiss,kiss me,raise the roof
  28. rub ,chest,breast,breasts,boobs,jugs,tatas,hooters, jugs , nips ,burning man,mardis gras,girls gone wild,playboy,penthouse,barely legal,leg show
  29. spread,part legs,hero,spread em,spreadeagle,spades,hearts
  30. fly ,bridge,leap,geronimo,lets launch over it,launch,liftoff
  31. lift,raise,wiggle,show,left , arm ,wing,point right
  32. lift,raise,wiggle,show,right, arm ,wing,spread wing
  33. jump,lift both legs, hop
  34. die ,knife,heart,romeo, ouch ,romeo and juliet,romeo juliet,choke,shakespeare,shakespere,shakespear
  35. lay egg,dump, poop ,defacate,defecate,deficate,squat, poo ,doody,shit,egg,livonia
  36. sing,american idol,croon,talk,speech,opera
  37. walk like an egyptian,walk like an egyption,dance,egyptian,bangles,hoffs,egypt
  38. flex,show ,muscles,wwf,bodybuilder,bodybuild,squeeze,ahnuld,arnold, schwarzenegger
  39. surf,catch a wave,race,speed,woosh
  40. sit ,couch,loveseat,sofa,rest,relax,converse,seat, have a seat ,chill,chill out
  41. sit ,knees,kneel
  42. sit ,indian,lotus,meditate
  43. march,stomp,soldier,army,marine,navy,marines,parade,goosestep,klink,air force,military,captail,admiral,colonel,lieutenant,leftenant
  44. nod , yes ,uhhuh, huh ,salute, agree ,alan turing, ok , okay ,aye aye,yes sir,yessir,colonel,lieutenant,captain,admiral
  45. shake head, disagree,organic,factory farming, sad , bad , no , no , weapons of mass destruction, wmd ,alan turing,mcdonalds,wendys,please
  46. shrug,turing,shoulders, do you , what do , think ,please, know , can you , can i , why , how come , what’s , what ,dunno
  47. look,shoulder,behind,turn,paranoid,behind
  48. look,shoulder,behind,turn,paranoid,behind
  49. get down,knee,kneel,neal,marry,propose
  50. pick nose, eat ,booger, dig ,gold,clean,nostril,cover face,don’t look,dont look
  51. shake,wiggle,ass,butt,bootie,bootey,booty,badonkadonk,tush,kaboose,trunk,buttock,buttocks,arse,tushy,toosh,tooshy,tail,shake tailfeather,shake tail feather,behind,fart,gas
  52. scratch,touch,knee, bow ,congratulations,thanks,nice job,awesome,congrats,honored
  53. touch,toes, toe ,floor,stretch,bend
  54. kick,kickline,rockette, can-can,moulin rouge,dance
  55. touch, pat , rub ,shoulders,shoulder
  56. fart , arm ,sound,noise,armpit
  57. moon ,show, ass ,butt,bootie,bootey,booty,badonkadonk,tush,kaboose,trunk,buttock,buttocks,arse,tushy,toosh,tooshy, tail ,shake tailfeather,shake tail feather,behind,anus,rectum,arse,fanny
  58. moonwalk,moon walk,dance,breakdance,break dance,michael jackson,backwards
  59. yoga,triangle,stretch,reaach
  60. dribble,basketball,b-ball,hoops,breakdance,disco
  61. shake,wiggle,right,thigh,hop on one leg,one leg
  62. shake,wiggle,left,thigh,hop on one leg,one leg
  63. eat ,french fries,french fry,frenchfries,frenchfry,snack,munch
  64. bite ,chew,nails,finger,fingers,stick,mouth, fear ,scared,worried,worry,horror, boo , fret ,
  65. peck,bite,hunt, walk
  66. peck,bite yourself,wing,wings, arm , arms ,body,chest,breast,breasts, lick ,smell,armpit,body odor,gams, tatas ,your rack,nice rack
  67. show leg ,show legs,thigh,thighs
  68. ymca,y m c a,dance,village people
  69. slap leg,slap legs,thigh,thighs,kneeslapper
  70. rub ,scratch,beak,beek,nose,shock,surprise,surprise, awe ,disbelief
  71. stand ,over there, corner, wall ,walk away, pee ,urinate,penalty box, piss
  72. scratch, rub ,floor,clean,carpet,ground,wings,wing,arm,knees
  73. scratch, rub ,floor,clean,carpet,ground,wings,foot,feet,wipe,strut
  74. look,looking,find,search,locate
  75. hide,behind,couch,sofa,loveseat,scared,afraid,under,look,looking,find,search,locate,danger will robinson,darth vader,darth,vampire,devil, evil ,
  76. preen,prene,prean,feather,feathers,lick,groom,show off ,display,chicken
  77. cover , ear , ears ,dont listen,dont look,scream,dont look,embarass,cover your eyes
  78. flex, show ,muscles,wwf,wwe,bodybuilder,bodybuild,fight,scare ,threaten
  79. stand, wait ,stay,default
  80. cover, eye ,sweat,wipe brow ,mop brow ,its getting hot in here,hot in herre
  81. cover,eye,right,sweat,wipe brow ,mop brow
  82. guitar,metal,rock and roll,rock,rock-out,air guitar, party ,party on
  83. smoke,smoking,cigarette,puff,take a drag,take a puff
  84. drum,drums,rock,headbang,head bang, rock and roll,gorge,binge,stuff face,ramone
  85. play , horn ,trumpet,marching band,choke
  86. play, horn ,trombone,vomit, throw up ,purge,puke,spew,hurl, sick ,youre sick,your sick,thats sick
  87. squat,get down,crouch,hunker down
  88. crying, cry , sad ,upset,miserable,laugh, lol ,hilarious
  89. laugh, lol ,happy,funny,joke,hysterical,cheerful,cheery,smile,vomit,puke,hurl, spew
  90. suck , toe , toe ,mouth,beak, foot , feet ,pick feet ,bite toe
  91. cover ,mouth,beak,sway,lean,bored,boring
  92. pump,iron,exercise,lift,weightlift,weight lift,wieghts,bicep,biceps,strong,flex,scoop,invigorating, ahnuld,arnold, schwarzenegger,situp,situps
  93. lose, eye ,fall apart,blind,poke,stumble,gouge eye ,stab eye , ouch
  94. vomit,throw up,upchuck, hurl ,purge, diet , gag ,heave, spew ,puke
  95. swing, bat ,baseball,homerun,home run,sport,sports, hit ,ball,batter, red sox ,sports
  96. shoot,basketball,score,basket,swish,michael jordan ,3-point
  97. punch,smack,slap,hit yourself, face ,black eye,bad chicken,boxing,punish,uppercut,discipline,smack yourself,whack
  98. robot,breakdance,break dance,dance,pop lock, pop , lock , strut ,model,runway model,groove,right said fred,im too sexy
  99. centerfold, pose ,playboy,penthouse,oui magazine,barely legal,leg show,celebrity skin,high society, porn ,seduce, pose ,foreplay,sexy,naughty
  100. blum,sexy, walk ,sultry,model,gyrate,shake,seduce,playboy, porn ,elivs
  101. model,runway, walk , strut ,silly walk
  102. hulahoop,hula hoop,hoop,gyrate,shake,dance
  103. run around, circle ,circles,drunk,dizzy,chase yourself,stumble,racecar,run around in circles,act drunk,oi, punk ,punk rock,slamdance,fsu,helicopter,syd, slam , mosh
  104. come here,come close,come,close,camera,show,face,look,camera, eye , i want my chicken, my chicken, freak , here kitty,look closely
  105. show body,costume,suit,wing,arm,skin,time
  106. show leg,foot,feet,ankle,hop ,bounce
  107. dance,Saturday night fever,travolta,disco,70s, studio 54 , villiage people ,xanadu,olivia newton john
  108. riverdance,river dance,flatley,flatly,lord of the dance, irish,russian dance,dance
  109. point,where,right
  110. wingspan,lift,show,wings, fish , big fish ,wide,fat,exaggerate,how big
  111. elbow,wing, arm ,knee,muscle,flex
  112. elbow,wing, arm ,knee,muscle,flex
  113. point,camera,uncle sam
  114. wave, hi ,hello, yo ,whats up,what up, hey , hey there , yo ,start, mornin , morning ,good morning,good bye, bye , ta
  115. hop , both ,bunny,bunnyhop,bounce,boing
  116. strike a pose,madonna, pose ,vogue,dance,youre so hot,your so hot, hott , hot
  117. rub ,head, pat ,stomach,belly,stomack,stomuck,tummy, abs , waist ,midsection,happy,coordinate
  118. rollerblade,roller blade,iceskate,ice skate,bullfight,scrape feet,warm up ,hockey,jagr,bruins
  119. run ,running man, dance,sprint, jog ,escape,runningman,do the running man,do the runningman
  120. peace,hippy,hippie, piss off , two fingers, two
  121. light,fart, gas ,hemmroid,burn ass ,burn, hot ,too much curry,light a fire under
  122. watch tv,turn on,television,movie,give up,sopranos,vcr,put in a tape,tape
  123. sign,language,signlanguage,i love you,hang loose,love,rock,barbarian,benjamin,metal,satan,hell, rock ,heavy metal,headbang,awesome,fist,rawk, awesome ,too cool,keep the faith,shit yeah
  124. peck,bite,ground,floor,carpet,rug, not worthy
  125. wings,together,flap, fly ,rodan
  126. wings,air,raise arms, lift ,armpits, pits , loser ,your lying, liar ,i dont believe you
  127. stick out,thrust,chest,breast,strut,crow,doodle
  128. strut,proud,peacock, walk , walk around
  129. fluff,feathers,legs,tights,thighs, big butts ,mixalot,i like big
  130. shake,polaroid,picture, shake it ,dance,booty,tequila,outkast
  131. shake,polaroid,picture, shake it ,dance,bounce, tip toes ,outkast
  132. lay down,sleep,fetal, baby ,rest, kick nuts ,groin,pain, nap ,take a nap,brb
  133. breakdance,worm,dolphin,dance floor,dancefloor,centipede,millipede,break dance,breakdance,boogaloo,breakin
  134. start
  135. matador,bull fight,bullfight,spanish,blanket,bullfight,toro, ole
  136. give bird,give the bird, bird ,middle finger,flipping,fuck you,fuck off, flip ,flip me off,flip them off
  137. give bird,give the bird,throw the bird,middle finger,flipping,fuck you,fuck off,hands,arms,wings crossed,flip the bird,the finger
  138. italian,flipping,fuck you,fuck off,hands,arms,wings,under,chin,flip, your mother ,spit,fucker,yo momma,yo mama,yomomma,yomama,your mother,your mom,yourmom,yermom,yermother,you and the
  139. cabbage patch,savia,cabage,cabbage,cabbagepatch,dance
  140. start
  141. love,make love,camera,kiss,slut,seduce,french kiss,jussi
  142. soldier,creep,rambo,hunt,sneak,crawl,landmine, war
  143. roger rabbit,roger rabbit,rogerrabbit,dance,boogie, achy-breaky
  144. bend,over,bendover,forward,forwards,honored,konichiwa,bow
  145. bend,over,bendover,forward,again, few ,times,forwards,drink,drinking bird
  146. touch,toes, toe ,floor,stretch, bend ,reach,touch your toes,bend over
  147. look ,camera,close, eye , come here , say cheese
  148. lay down,lay back,backwards,rest,laid, lie , lie down
  149. play dead, die ,fall
  150. pole vault,polevault,track and field,track field,olympics, scream , fear ,scared, run ,run away
  151. running man,runningman,dance,hip hop, hiphop, jig
  152. split ,splits,splitz,spread, legs , pain ,do the splits,do a split
  153. do the splits,do a split, split ,splits,splitz,spread,legs,pain, fall ,embarass,do something stupid,slipt endz,split enz
  154. bend over,bendover,backward,backwards,stretch, pain ,backbend,bring the pain,bring tha pain,do something painful,something painful
  155. waddle,duck,quwack,quack,hemroid,sore, achy , ache
  156. piroutte,pirowette,pirowette,pirowet, spin ,ballet,liisa
  157. pinch, grab ,nipples,nipple,breast,laugh, lol ,boob
  158. scratch ass,scratch your ass,scratch that ass,scratch that itch, butt ,bootie,bootey,booty,badonkadonk,tush,kaboose,trunk,buttock,buttocks,arse,tushy,toosh,tooshy, tail ,behind,spread,cheeks,arse,fanny
  159. roll , side ,fire, stop , drop ,stop drop roll,stop drop and roll
  160. roll,side,back, ass , butt ,bootie,bootey,booty,badonkadonk,tush,kaboose,trunk,buttock,buttocks,arse,tushy,toosh,tooshy, tail ,behind,fire, stop drop roll, stop drop and roll,roll over
  161. meditate,yoga,pilates,diomedes,artemis,lotus,indian, sit ,chant, zen ,spiritualized,think,tranquil
  162. macerena,macarana,macerayna,macarayna,dance,mexican,spanish,latin, touch yourself,divynls, rap , yo yo ,macarena
  163. skip,skipping, trot ,trotting,gallop,gallep,gallup, joy ,glee,spring,happy
  164. walk a dog,walk the dog,shuffle,baby steps, walk your dog
  165. soccer,soccerball,ball,hacky sack,kickball,step in gum ,hackeysack,hackey
  166. electric slide,electricslide,dance,soul train,soultrain,disco,sisters
  167. cheer,spirit,pom,pompom,cheerleader,dance,happy
  168. klein,spank,smack,slap, hit ass,butt,bootie,bootey,booty,badonkadonk,tush,kaboose,trunk,buttock,buttocks,arse,tushy,toosh,tooshy, tail ,behind,arse,fanny
  169. touch yourself,naughty spot ,naughtyspot,private,privates,sore, nuts ,testicles, balls,groin,crotch
  170. turn,circle,twirl,around, spin ,dizzy,rotate
  171. move to, side ,side to side,rock,back and forth,sway,swaying,scuttle,crab,shuffle,hustle
  172. swordfight,sword fight,fence,lance,saber,foil,skewer,zorro,swashbuckle,errol flynn,pirates, caribbean,depp
  173. sword,fight,fence,lance,saber,muskateer,foil,zorro,swashbuckle, errol flynn ,pirates, caribbean,depp
  174. box ,boxing,rocky,tyson,fight,punch,brawl,step up,dukes, ali
  175. stand, wait ,stay,default
  176. back,flip,backflip,trick, show off ,leap, okay , ok
  177. whistle,wistle, hoot
  178. hand stand,handstand,head, walk ,hands, show off, mule kick ,stand on head,stand on your head,do a headstand
  179. hand stand,handstand,show off, mule kick
  180. show ,mouth, eat ,inside,throat,bite, bite me , eat me ,swallow,tongue,teeth
  181. tap,dance,stomp, jig ,
  182. stand, wait ,stay,default
  183. forward,flip,roll,somersault,booya,bump, blow me ,show
  184. football,touchdown,hike,throw,patriots, high five , hi five
  185. show breast,breasts, tits ,titties,slut,whore,tramp ,seduce,hooker,prostitute,tatas, jugs,nice rack,your rack,tatas,show yer tits,show yer breasts,show your breasts,show yer tis
  186. blow, nose ,sneeze,beak,nosebleed, bloody nose
  187. stop , drop , roll ,fire,stop drop roll, stop drop and roll
  188. pledge allegiance,allegience,national anthem, patriot
  189. salute,thanks, military, army , navy , marines ,soldier
  190. hang loose,radical, surf ,excellent, bill and ted ,tubular,bogus,gnarly
  191. eat , wing , you ,smoke, bite fingernals,think,smoke up, toke ,toke up,your wing
  192. monkey, ape ,gorilla,chimp,chimpanzee,wreck,destroy, erica
  193. show ass, butt ,bootie,bootey,booty,badonkadonk,tush,kaboose,trunk,buttock,buttocks,arse,tushy,toosh,tooshy, tail ,behind, moon , anal ,rectum,fanny
  194. elephent,elephant,ollyfant,elefant
  195. bull ,bullfight, toro ,bull fight
  196. bowl,strike,candlepin, ten pin ,lebowski,kingpin,bowling,pro bowling
  197. golf,swing,putt,tee,caddy shack, tiger woods
  198. no shit, ass ,fuck,cock,pussy,motherfucker,cunt, piss ,arse,suck,dyke,bitch,clit, cum ,dick,dildo,feces,felch,foreskin,whore,jizz,jism,masturbate,jerk, anal ,bastard,blowjob,butt,suck,choad,erection,fellatio,incest,semen, tit ,break
  199. show thigh,thighs,show leg,meat
  200. eye , look , come closer, come here , a look , look at me
  201. teeth,beak,beek, show me, come close, head ,bite, eat ,drool,hungry
  202. head, back ,think,ponder,question,guess, guess ,i dunno, dunno,hmm,hm,hmm,hmmm,hmmmm,hmmmmm,hmmmmmm,head back
  203. shrug,shoulders, do you , what do , think , know , can you , can i , why , how come , what’s , what , who do,think,ponder,opinion,hmm,hm,hmm,hmmm,hmmmm,hmmmmm,hmmmmmm
  204. come closer, come here, show me,hrug,shoulders, do you , what do , think , know , can you , can i , why , how come , what’s , what , who do,think,ponder,opinion,how you doing,how ya doing,how ya doin,how you doin
  205. shit, ass ,fuck,cock,pussy,motherfucker,cunt, piss ,arse,suck,dyke,bitch,clit, cum ,dick,dildo,feces,felch,foreskin,whore,jizz,jism,masturbate,jerk,anal,bastard,blowjob,butt,suck,choad,erection,fellatio,incest,semen, tit
  206. bored, frustrate , math,angry, mad
  207. clap,lights,light,blackout,darkness, dark ,turn off lights,turn off the lights
  208. twist,shake, twist and shout
  209. start
  210. sit down,sitdown,sit,armchair,arm chair,watch tv,rest, take five ,take a break
  211. start
  212. leave,go away,room, get out , depart ,scram,like a tree, be free,begone,buhbye,adios,vamoose,go away,piss off,vamoose,beat it,get lost, get out, go on
  213. fly,hump couch, hump , tip over,launch over it,do the couch,dry hump
  214. start
  215. start
  216. start
  217. start
  218. wave, hi ,hello, yo ,whats up,what up, hey , hey there , yo ,start, mornin , morning ,good morning,good bye, bye , ta
  219. fish,fishing, tug of war , tug o war
  220. book,books,bookcase, read
  221. drink,water,pitcher,liquor,drunk,charles shaw,two buck chuck,whiskey, rubenstein,lizstless,rick and mike,booze,gin,vodka, rye ,jack and coke,tonic, tipple
  222. jerk,asshole,motherfucker,stick it,beat ,kick, fry , slice,grill,chop,hurt,punch
  223. turn light off,darkness,turn lights off,turn off the lights,turn off the light
  224. start
  225. stand,climb,get,couch,loveseat,sofa,furniture
  226. bounce, walk ,couch,loveseat,sofa,furniture
  227. throw,pickup,pick up,pillows,pillow,cushion,cushions,rage, mad ,destroy,wreck,tantrum,temper,angry
  228. choke,strangle,suffocate,crack knuckels
  229. dust,fingerprint
  230. clean,tidy,tidey,straighten,apartment,room,organize,scent, rub butt
  231. walk ,camera,look, me ,look at me,looky here
  232. idea,thought,think,ponder,wonder
  233. pray,prayer,prayers,religion, god , hope ,wwjd,jesus,christ,holy,witness,savior,saved,salvation,epiphany
  234. thumbs,please,thanks,thumb up,thumbs up,how you doing,hows it going,how ya doin,hows it goin, yes , yeah ,burger king, burger king , burger , chicken sandwich , dinner , sandwich , eat chicken ,barbarian, rubenstein ,tom waits, word up , word
  235. thurmbs,thumbs up,thumb up,shit,ass,fuck,cock,pussy,motherfucker,cunt,piss,arse,suck,dyke,bitch,clit, cum ,dick,dildo,feces,felch,foreskin,gay,whore,jizz,jism,masterbate,jerk,vegan
  236. shit,ass,fuck,cock,pussy,motherfucker,cunt,piss,arse,suck,dyke,bitch,clit, cum ,dick,dildo,feces,felch,foreskin,whore,jizz,jism,masturbate,jerk,anal,bastard,blowjob,butt,suck,choad,erection,fellatio,incest,semen, tit ,poontang, poon ,poon tang
  237. shit, ass ,fuck,cock,pussy,motherfucker,cunt,piss,arse,suck,dyke,bitch,clit, cum ,dick,dildo,feces,felch,foreskin,whore,jizz,jism,masturbate,jerk, anal ,bastard,blowjob, butt ,suck,choad,erection,fellatio,incest,semen, tit
  238. rock,paper,scissor,scissors,roshambo
  239. why not, not worthy, beg ,grovel,worship,homage, pray ,tribute,jesus,christ,savior,salvation,epiphany,saved,wwjd,bible, god ,waynes world, wayne , garth
  240. propose,marry,love,plead, prince charming, beg , no
  241. bawk,cluck,close,front,camera,close,hello, hey ,what up,whats up
  242. bawk,cluck, far ,camera,away,piss off
  243. bawk,cluck,middle,camera,medium,spit,loogie,hurl one
  244. karate kid,crane,kick,kung-fu, kung fu ,morita
  245. stroll, walk ,around, pace , look ,explore,wander,bored
  246. touch,grab,crotch,balls,nutsack,piss,scrotum,crabs,jockitch
  247. masturbate,masterbate,play with yourself, jerk off , take off mask, take off costume, take off your, streak , flash , strip , naked,nude, take it off ,get naked,take it all off,nekkid,get nekkid,whip em out,show your tits, show yer tits, tits ,take off your clothes,take off yer clothes,clothes,off like a prom dress,prom dress, do me , blow me,take pants off,take off your pants, mask
  248. sit,armchair,chair,start
  249. start
  250. start
  251. start
  252. start
  253. start
  254. start
  255. start
  256. start
  257. start
  258. crazy,mad cow,bse,run,circle,circles,hysterical,excited,freak,madness
  259. run away,hysterical,excited,freak,leave,like a tree
  260. start
  261. tai-chi, tai , chi ,taichi,meditate,kungfu,kung, fu ,diomedes,artemis
  262. laugh,shit, ass ,fuck,cock,pussy,motherfucker,cunt, piss ,arse,suck,dyke,bitch,clit, cum ,dick,dildo,feces,felch,foreskin,whore,jizz,jism,masturbate,jerk, anal ,bastard,blowjob, butt , suck ,choad,erection,fellatio,incest,semen, tit
  263. karate,fight,ninja,judo, tae ,quwan,kick , jacki chan , jet li ,lightning bolt, bogus ,real ultimate power
  264. karate,fight,ninja,judo, tae ,quwan,kick,ground,floor, bow ,real ultimate power ,congratulations,thanks, nice job , awesome ,congrats,honored,konichiwa, wow , omg ,amazing, cool ,neat , neato , rad , bogus ,this is cool, this is cool,this is so cool
  265. bow,proud,thanks,nice work,great,awesome,suck,jerk, wow , omg ,amazing, cool , neat , neato , rad , bogus ,this is cool, this is cool,this is so cool,
  266. kick,couch,sofa,loveseat,karate,kick the couch,kick something
  267. kick tv,television,karate,kill your television,kill yer television
  268. throw, ball ,pitch, chuck ,toss ,shot put
  269. belly,stomach,come here,piece of me,dare,scare,close,closer,show me,penis,come here,you want a piece of me,wanna piece of me,piece of me
  270. garter,sexy, leg , legs ,lingerie,thigh,panties,knickers,get yer kit off,get your kit off,kit off,garters,garter belt
  271. bong,hit,get high,youre high,stoned, weed ,chug,funnel
  272. hit ,head,wall, but ,butt,inspect wall,frustrate
  273. hit ,head,wall, but ,butt,headbutt,headbut, sad ,hate,disappoint
  274. shadow,puppet,puppets
  275. peak a boo,peak-a-boo,peakaboo,peek a boo,peek-a-boo,peekaboo,peek,faceoff,face-off
  276. look under, under ,underneath,cushion,cushions, couch , spare change , lost ,down there, no there
  277. swim,dance,fish,beach, beach party ,beach party,surfs up,go go
  278. back stroke,backstroke
  279. show garter,garder,sexy,leg,seduce,whore,hooker
  280. grind,chair,armchair,sex,naughty,hump,sex
  281. sexy,sensual,naughty,dance,seduce
  282. chair,couch,leap
  283. build,fort,house,cushions,pillow, lizstless ,pillows,hide, bomb shelter
  284. cowboy,lasso,laso,rope,rodeo,ride a hore,horsey,horse ride,horseride,giddyap,jump rope
  285. shock,shocked,surprise,surprised,awe ,horror,scare,scary,shock and awe
  286. football, call, ref , referee
  287. referee,delay,game,delay of game
  288. referee,call,clipping,foul,fowel,foul ball
  289. heisman,hiseman,hiesman,action,hero,last action hero
  290. football,3,point,three,stance,blitz
  291. football,3,point,three,stance,run,block,camera,espn,superbowl,super bowl, ref
  292. paint,picture,painting,create,creative,artist
  293. brush,teeth,beak,get ready,bulemia,vomit,bulemic,nervosa, sick ,youre sick,yer sick, gross ,how do you feel
  294. pee , piss ,urinate,bathroom,couch
  295. throw pillow,air pillow,cushion,cushions,juggle
  296. hit ,head,pillow,pillows,cushion,cushions,punish,flagellate,masochist
  297. hit ,chair,armchair,pillow,pillows,cushions,trash,temper,tantrum,wreck,destroy
  298. make out,makeout,make-out,pillow,pillows,cushion,cusions,kiss,hug,love,caress,hold,kiss me,love me,hold me
  299. put,place,cushion,cushions,shelf,shelves
  300. hawaiin,hawain,hawaii,hawayan,hula,belly,dance,rockaby baby
  301. crispin
  302. crispin
  303. show ankle,tag,bracelet,anklet,ankle
  304. home alone,scared,culkin,horror,fear
  305. rrrrrr,rawr,brunette,dance with girl,random,something different
  306. exercise,side,leglift,leg lift,floor,carpet,ground,thighmaster,thigh master,situp,situps
  307. statue,dictator
  308. show,beak,mouth,pecker,teeth, eat
  309. put,hands,wings,side,think
  310. sandwich,chickensandwich,pillows,cushions,cushion, pun ,floor,pile,tetris,chicken sandwich,chicken sandwich
  311. cluck, walk , question
  312. rub , pat ,stomach,belly,stomack,stomuck,tummy, abs ,waist,midsection,burgers,burgersking,burgerking,burger king,cheese,lettuce,tomato,sesame,pickle,onion, bun ,beef,chicken,sauce,patty,pattie,yum,burger,fish
  313. thumbs,thumb up,thumbs up,belly,stomach
  314. show,breast,meat,chest,legs
  315. lift,raise,wiggle,show,right,arm,wing
  316. start
  317. sit , rest, chair , tired ,chill,chill out
  318. sit ,rest ,relax,couch,enjoy,chill, chill out
  319. shake, ass, booty,show me, money, loser, chump, freak
  320. pushup, push up ,push-up, push ,exercise, work out ,workout,strength,strong
  321. circle, run ,run around,start
  322. inactive,osama,osama,osama,osama,osama,osama,osama,osama,osama,osama,osama,osama,osama,saddam,saddam,saddam,saddam,saddam,saddam,suicide,suicide,suicide,kill myself,kill myself,kill myself,depressed,depressed,depressed,depression,depression,depression
  323. inactive
  324. inactive
  325. inactive,start
  326. inactive,start
  327. inactive
  328. inactive
  329. inactive,start
  330. inactive
  331. inactive
  332. inactive
  333. inactive,stand still, stop
  334. cartwheel,acrobat, spin ,gym,rotisserie

2 thoughts on “Subservient Chicken Command List

  1. Phoenix Soul

    If you tell the chicken:

    Kentucky Fried Chicken

    He will rub his stomach… sick ass chicken is a CANNIBAL!!!

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