Pokémon Type Wild English Translation

I’d like to announce the first release of my English patch of Pokémon Type: Wild, available for download today!

Pokémon Type Wild is a free 2D fighting game that uses a popular Japanese fighting game engine (not the Mugen engine). While the game is a ton of fun to play, some have difficulties in navigating the Japanese menus.

UPDATE #2 (11/24/15): After an extensive amount of work, user longbyte1 has created a near complete English patch of Type Wild. He’s been working on it for some time and it really shows. Included is a write-up he provided covering a bit of the back story behind his work, Pokémon details and information and translation notes. It’s pretty wonderful so I’d suggest you check it out below:

Links last updated 12/20/18

Type Wild Translation notes by longbyte1

Mac users can right-click the client and choose to run the LilithPort.exe in WineSkin to join online multiplayer.

The files below are zipped with 7zip to save file space. To unzip .7z files you can download 7zip for Windows or Keka for Mac.




Like my work? Drop a comment below or visit the forums and tell me what you think! You can also consider buying me a coffee, which is very much appreciated.

Bonus: Netplay

LilithPort and MTSP detect an FM2K game by looking at its file description, which means that it won’t detect the Type Wild executable. In the archive is an older EXE runtime that can be detected by LilithPort and is from the original FM2K instead of FMXV.

1. Rename your original Type Wild EXE to whatever you want.
2. Rename TYPE WILD-multiplayer-compatible.exe to TYPE WILD_ver_053t.exe.
3. Try running it. If it opened and closed in a split second, you did something wrong.
4. Set LilithPort/MTSP to the Type Wild executable.
5. Play!

There aren’t really any 24/7 servers out there specifically for Type Wild, sorry. Check out our official unofficial Type Wild Steam group!

300 thoughts on “Pokémon Type Wild English Translation

  1. Digizel

    Oh man, it may not be much translated but the necessary, but it’s still GREAT to have this!

    I really love that somebody has the ability to do something like this and DOES it.

    I would LOVE it if you were to work for a full translation…particularly of the character dialogues and ending cutscene.

    Thanks for the translation…please keep up the amazing work! =D

  2. Poketmon

    Omg! I’ve been looking for something like this for a while! So glad that somebody can translate this! It may not be much but thanks so much!

    Keep up the good work!

  3. PRIZZA Post author

    The file is a .7z (7-zip) archive, so you’ll need to use an extraction program that support .7z files. I would suggest using 7-zip.

  4. Derp

    I downloaded the whole thing and when I open the game it only opens for a split second then closes by itself. What should I do?

  5. PRIZZA Post author

    What version of Windows are you running? You could try to run in compatibility mode via right-click and see if that helps it work.

  6. Batman

    COMEON MAKE ONE FOR MAC! IM tired of not being able to read how to use different attacks

  7. ALskidaddles

    Is there another way to download this for the Mac w/o having to download The Unarchiver? I don’t have an Apple Account and I’d like to avoid having to get one.

    JWittz recommended this game on his youtube channel and
    I really really want to play this game whether it’s fully translated or not D:

  8. some kid

    I use Windows Vista and I also can’t play the game because it closes instantly whenever I open it. Is it possible that the antivirus software on this computer is somehow interfering?

  9. cyclone

    Please help. Whenever I try to open the exe file (7zip or WinRAR) it automaticly closes! Help please (windows 7)

  10. PRIZZA Post author

    Have you tried running the game in compatibility mode? If that doesn’t help, try looking around Google for other cases where people can’t start Pokemon Type Wild. You may be missing a needed driver.

  11. PRIZZA Post author

    You do not need to open the .exe file with WinRar or 7zip; all you need to do is double-click the file and windows will natively open the program.

  12. PRIZZA Post author

    I’ll try to get a Mac version of Type Wild working within the next week. I’ll keep you guys updated.

  13. Followeroftheprince

    It’s great that you translated this, although to the people complaining have you tried downloading the japanese version it might help you understand if this guy can fix it or not? Anyrate I would like it if you translated the characters speach because it bothers me when I defeat 5 things and I con’t know what my character says each time. No need to rush though this is type wild, not story time.

  14. Logan

    Okay, so I’m kinda using an older PC, and I’m running XP. PT: W downloaded without a problem, but when I try to actually OPEN it, it opens a new Tab, closes that Tab, then downloads it again. Am I doing something wrong? If so, what, and how can I fix it?

  15. PRIZZA Post author

    When your browser opens a new tab and closes it just means you’re trying to download the file again. You have to find the downloaded .7z file on your computer and extract it. You can use one of the mentioned extraction tools to open the archive and then just double-click to run the exe file.

  16. JPDiddy

    THIS IS TAKING FOREVEERR I just want to play so badly im up to 150 megabites how long till it downloads?

  17. Arnold Schwarznigga

    Will there be a Mac version for this because it’s been really hard for me to play this game

  18. Brofist

    Are you still working on the Mac port? And by the way thanks for taking time to do that, most people don’t make a port.

  19. Sulp

    When i go to click the actual game if crashes instantly. I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but some help would be appreciated.

  20. TheBigBaguette

    Can you put up a mirror for the mac version? The current one doesn’t seem to work.

  21. Arnold Schwarznigga

    It says I need a password for the Mac version? Anyone know what this means?

  22. Arnold Schwarznigga

    Thanks so much! The password works and the game works fine. Thanks so much for porting this to Mac

  23. PRIZZA Post author

    I’m really glad you enjoy it. If you’d like to share this with your friends I’d be very grateful. Have fun!

  24. Arnold Schwarznigga

    Hey PRIZZA,

    Do you know why my Pokemon Type:Wild doesn’t seem to open some times? (Macbook Pro w/ Retina Display) I have to click quite a lot of times to get it to open. On most occasions I even need to restart my laptop. Any ideas why?

  25. PRIZZA Post author

    That’s a bit hard to diagnose. Sometimes the app can take a while to start the first time, so I would suggest trying to open it once and then waiting for several minutes to see if anything happens.

    Which version of OSX are you running? You can find out by clicking the apple symbol at the top left and then selecting “About This Mac”.

  26. Coach Afro

    In response to it closing immediately after starting, remove “Åö” from the file names “ÅöTYPE WILD.exe” and “ÅöTYPE WILD.kgt”

  27. DiGiorno Pastasas

    I’m trying to get the 1st mirror version for Windows,but it says I need a password.

    Plus,there’s no post for it.


  28. PRIZZA Post author

    Thanks for the suggestion; that’s something I should have caught before uploading. If this solves anyone’s problem I’ll take time to reupload the Mac version with edited filenames.

  29. PRIZZA Post author

    7zip is a vastly superior file compression format and zip is mostly a crutch these days. Kick it like a nasty habit!

  30. Crazy

    ummmmm……I downloaded both the files but when I run one of them I get a ps2 emulator o_0

  31. Crazy

    I clicked mirror 1 and used the password but When I download it, it appears as a disk on a piece of paper.

  32. Aizen

    Do you know if this game is still being worked on? It’s been quite a few years since Beta 5.3 and I’m starting to think this game is dead… Any info would help. Thanks

  33. Extremely bored

    How large is the file? I’ve seen someone say over 150 MB already, and I’d just like to say that I’ve had 200MB .zip files download much faster than the 125MB I’ve got so far… plus, ‘saving file space’ is kinda annoying when I have to download another- ANOTHER- program which I’ve never heard of just to extract the .zip of a game I wanted to download because I was bored.

    155MB and counting.

  34. Fern

    What are the minimum mac requirements to run this game? I downloaded the file and when I try to open it, it closes a few seconds later :/

  35. PRIZZA Post author

    Go to the Type Wild.app, right-click and then choose “Show Package Contents”. Double-click “Wineskin.app” and then click the “Advanced” button. Click the “Tools” tab, and then under the Utilities column click “View Last Run Log Files”. Copy and paste the contents of the “LastRunWine.log” to a site like pastie.org and then send me the link.

  36. pokemon fan

    Whenever i try to download mirror 1 for mac it never stops downloading and im using firefox. safari is a complete failure what do i do use chrome?

  37. AbsolPowers

    Tried downloading it. After opening it up with Keka, it’ll ask for a password. After typing in the password. It just gives me this:
    TYPE WILD_Mac-1.7z.html
    which is a link that just gives me an error message reading:
    Warning: gzopen() [function.gzopen]: Filename cannot be empty in /home/filedrop/public_html/processing/filedownload.php on line 166

    Warning: gzclose() expects parameter 1 to be resource, boolean given in /home/filedrop/public_html/processing/filedownload.php on line 176

  38. Fern

    I’ve tried to redownload it and when I try to extract, an error pops-up saying unable to extract. I’ve used 7-zip, Keka, and The Unarchiver and I’ve had no luck :/
    I’m on a Mac btw

  39. Lucas

    Same here. When I download the Mac mirror it will finish downloading by 300KB. I’m using MacBook Pro 10.8.4

  40. Shadowknight1

    No matter what, the program closes immediately when I try to open it. I even tried to find the Japanese version…what am I doing wrong? =(

  41. Phoenix747

    Can someone tell me how to download this patch? I can’t find the correct download button for the game.

  42. Lucas

    I’m using a Mac which is on OS X Maverick and the game doesn’t run. The window just pops out with a blank background then automatically closes. What’s the solution for this?

  43. Person

    I think I might be one of the people who is also experiencing the problem with Mac. I’ve tried using Keka and unzipping the Mac file, and it says there’s a fatal error with it. Explanation, please?

  44. GT

    The game is already awesome the way its currently translated.But it would be much more cooler to have the game fully translated! I really would like to know what the pokemon are saying.Please work on that when you can :)

  45. PRIZZA Post author

    Does Keka say that there is a fatal error with the file when you try to extract it? Usually those errors are thrown when there’s a bad download. Make sure the Pokémon 7z file is around 194.5 megabytes.

  46. Person

    @Prizza – The download was quite large, I can download it again and check. I’m on a Mac, and my specs are 10.9 with more than enough memory to support it. Not sure if it’s on my end or yours, but I’ll try again and see what happens. If I remember correctly, it was around that number of 100+ megabytes.

    UPDATE: Looking at the file right now, it says 185.5 megabytes. I’m not sure if that’s close enough within your range, but if not, possibly try putting it back up again? When I tried unzipping it the first time around, it said “Error code 2 using “p7zip” – Fatal error.” You’re probably more educated than I am in computer terms, so I assume this means something bad.

    UPDATE #2: Just redownloaded it, got the same error again, not sure what the issue is exactly, considering I’m doing what you’ve told me to do from the original post and all. Maybe make a tutorial video on how to do it for those technologically impaired or something? I’ve been wanting to play this game very badly, and I would very much appreciate it if you could help out those in need of working it.

  47. Person

    I am almost positive I have enough memory, and I doubt folder permissions are an issue in any way. I can try changing the folder or making sure I’m on an admin account, but I doubt that is the issue. Anyways, here’s to hoping it works!

  48. Person

    To be honest, I really do want to play this game and enjoy what other users are experiencing, but the error leads me to nothing when I do a search on Google about it. Not only that, but the file seems to not be corrupt in any way at all, and I doubt that Keka is corrupt either. Would there be any other solution you can think of? Maybe putting the direct game up on for download rather than a 7zip, or maybe convert the 7zip into a .zip file instead? I’m not that good with technology, but these are just some ideas I’m thinking of off of the top of my head.

  49. Person

    So I downloaded The Unarchiver, and I tried using it, and it gave me the following error:
    “There was a problem while reading the contents of the fine ‘Pokemon Type Wild.7z’: The archive file is incomplete.”
    I assume this error is because of the file size, and I’ve already tried redownloading the file, which gave me the size of 185.5 megabytes, rather than your previously claimed file to be 194.5 megabytes. I can try redownloading it one more time, but maybe you could re-upload it and check the file size?

  50. a person who like to play fan made pokemon games

    whenever i try to open the file ÅöTYPE WILD it just opens and closes. can you tell me why that’s happening? cause i want to play this game and i dont want to learn japanese

  51. TheSynist3r

    Hey guys i figured out how to play it…
    1.Redownload the game.
    2.Use any Archiver (Im using winrar)
    3.Extract to desktop(Veryimportant)’
    4.Open up the folder then on the .exe run that as administrator and it should work :D

    This worked for me guys and hopefully for you too.

  52. robin haring

    is this the full game? if not.. can you give me the link where i cxan download it? it wont work

  53. asd

    In response to it closing immediately after starting, remove “Åö” from the file names “ÅöTYPE WILD.exe” and “ÅöTYPE WILD.kgt”

  54. Mystery

    ok i downloaded the game, extracted to my desktop, but when i open it it in the begginging its running fine until it suddenly says “GameDemo Open error[D_Title.Demo]
    is there someway i can fix this?

  55. MaouChan

    I downloaded it for mac but i can’t play it, when open it, I see a white window for two seconds :( And thats all… like the other ones who can’t play it on mac.

  56. Karsen

    what are the controls to the game i got it and i dont know the controls btw great translation

  57. Qwertyuiop

    I’m using Mac and I got the Pokemon Type Wild file, but EVERYTIME I open the game it only opened for 0.5 Sec of a white window with the name “Pokemon Type Wild”… I tried compressing it a .zip file and re-extract it and open it (I know this is stupid) and it didnt work… I tried a lot of ways and I really want to play it! (Just Like Other Mac Users)

  58. PRIZZA Post author

    I’m developing a PC/Mac game for release on June 15th, so after it’s out I may have a little more time to set-up a netplay port. Check back soon.

  59. PRIZZA Post author

    This game has absolutely no viruses. I’m glad you like Pokémon, by the way! I grew up with Pokémon Blue.

  60. Nunya Pie

    Uhh, I try to play the game on my Windows 8.1 PC, and it doesn’t work, it just opens the windows and closes quickly…

  61. Diz

    I am using a mac. The game works fine until after I chose my Pokemon. My opponent shows up and then I get a white screen :/

  62. Digi

    I notice that nothing has really come of this potential translation project and this is something I have wanted for a long time but have never had the opportunity to learn enough written Japanese to translate. So I was wondering something. If you don’t have the time/interest to actually make a translated program for this game, do you think you could simply perhaps make a text translation in Notepad or a page on here or something? I have been extremely curious as to what the characters are saying, both in their victory/intro dialogues and in the cutscenes of the game. I think it would be very awesome if you could do this…I feel like I’m missing a lot of the flavor of the game without it.

    In any case, I have tried making translations through kanji and phrase translation programs, but nothing ever works well enough. I love what you’ve already done and I really hope you consider making some kind of translation here, even if it’s not completely translating the program itself.

    Thanks a lot, one way or the other~

  63. UberAbsol

    the mac version does not work.
    up until the pokemon select screen is fine, but then it crashes.
    fix this please.

  64. DonGero

    The file on Mega will not fully load. The progression bar freezes at 99%. Please diagnose my issue.

  65. Zach R.

    When I load the game, it just crashes. Then it started working, but then it said D_title.demo error? What does this mean? And it starts to crash again right when I open it.

  66. XilentAssassin

    HI!! So, i saw so many trailers about this game on the Youtubz, and I was like “DUDE! MUST GET!!” but when I tried to get the game(mac), i only go to the screen and when I clicked Download nothing downloaded. Is it my Mac or… CAUSE I NEED THIS GAME! XD

  67. HobbitsHaveFeelings

    Hey I’m really looking forward to this game but I don’t know how to run it on Windows 8. Any help? I’m not too sure how to use a 7z file opener/extractor and I would appreciate some help. Thanks!

  68. Ninjawarrior93

    I have problems opening the game in Windows XP Professional SP3 despite being able to open it and play it before. But now it just doesn’t work. Any help?

  69. Annoyed Person

    Whenever I open it, it immediately crashes. Yes, I have tried everything that other users have suggested, but nothing has worked. I am using Windows 7. PLEASE FIX THIS!

  70. estebanxique

    Can it work or is it compatible for tablet. My tablet is the new Samsung tab s.
    Also which do I download to play the game exercise which type.
    This game looks fricken awesome

  71. togedie

    i downloaded this game on my mac. used kika to unzip it. now i have the program but whenever i open it, i get a small white window that opens and instantly closes. then the pictogram disappears. any idea of what i could do?

  72. Kirgirik

    using windows 7
    when i try to launch the game a black popup appears for a half second and disappears. how do i get the game to work?

  73. joejoe3394

    ! C:\Users\joe\Downloads\TYPE WILD_ver_053_eng.7z: The archive is corrupt

    what does this mean i nead help how do i install

  74. joejoe3394

    can some pls translate the the moves for me like how do you use the pokemon move im using
    wasd and the arrow keys to move

  75. A person

    Um, silly question but can someone tell me where the actual download link is? Or how you are supposed to download it and if it is of the latest version of the game. Thanks

  76. PRIZZA Post author

    Thanks for the log! It may have something to do with your specific computer’s cpu/gpu. I’ll update a few of the engines within the game and reupload it to see if it helps at all.

  77. WolfStep

    Okay, so I downloaded the game, and I FREAKING LOVE IT!! Just uuhhh… how do I get it to translate to English? Im using Mac, btw. If you could help me out, I would SERIOUSLY appreciate it! Thanks! But seriously! I love this game.

  78. Airsoftbeat97

    Well, I saw the picture about it saying we might be getting Charizard soon. It might not happen… With the new release of Super Smash Bros. 4 they have Charizard too. If Nintendo finds this with Lizardon (Nintendo is Japanese) on that could come over with some copyright issues. Yes it’s the old anime’s drawer, but he’s not anymore. But even so, that’s a theory. A Copyright Theory.

  79. longbyte1

    I can’t get ahold of PRIZZA directly (I’ve contacted him multiple times now, maybe because I accidentally signed the e-mail), but I’m almost done with the full translation. I’ve been working at this project on and off for months now. All I have to do now is finish up the last few lines, have a bit of a peer review, and replace the strings/images via 2D Fighter Maker (still haven’t figured out how to replace). If anyone wants to have a look at them, just comment and I’ll post the file.

    PS: There’s also a bug in this game. Either I’m blind, or the level titles aren’t actually being shown between levels in single player mode.

  80. longbyte1

    @SkeletonKeys well, what does it say? For MediaFire, enter the password as stated in the post (oneweakness.com). As for FileDropper, I think that mirror is dead; I can replace that mirror if requested.

  81. longbyte1

    This summer, I’ll finish translating the remaining lines (ending lines, instructions, and I guess I forgot about practice mode). I’m sure that I’ll finish translating and patching by the end of the summer! All I need to know, though, is what font is the best to substitute the Japanese with. What font did you use for the majority of the substitutions?

  82. ZenoDLC

    @longbyte1 As a fan of pokemon and visual novels, I suggest something like Arial Narrow as it’s usually used in translated visual novels or maybe MS 明朝 the default microsoft asian font

  83. Howie


  84. Retzi

    I hope someone could possibly contact one of the developers and write an article as to why the game hasn’t been updated. My guess would be from copyright issues, but since the download for the game is still here, maybe there’s another reason.

  85. GreatGame

    @longbyte where/what 2k2nd ripper did you use I would like to find that works too. Great work on the translations also!!

  86. Van

    Btw Longbyte1 thank you for translating this game! I was wondering how to setup my arcade stick to play this game? I got to setup the buttons, but the joystick directions are grayed out?

  87. Van

    How do you grab? I can’t figure it out.. Please help haha. But I did get my arcade stick working with the game.

  88. longbyte1

    Special+punch. You need to be touching the opponent in order for it to work though. Snorlax also has a command grab but I don’t remember how to do it.

  89. Van

    @longbyte1 Thanks! But I’m surprised it’s not light punch + light kick to grab like in Street Fighter?
    Is the command grab not listed in the move list picture?

  90. longbyte1

    It should be listed in the move list. I will make a resources pack including everything that I didn’t put in the zip file but was in the original, as well as a few videos on how to play and of course a montage.

  91. Van

    Cool stuff! I have one more question if you don’t mind, my versus mode seems to be super laggy. but arcade mode isn’t at all. I don’t think you need high specs to run this game smoothly, do you know what might be the reason?

  92. longbyte1

    The most common cause would be that you have one joystick plugged in, but not a second one, or you have no joysticks plugged in while the Joystick box is checked. If you are using one joystick, it would be recommended to just plug in another, or use JoyToKey (FM2nd’s joystick support has always been terrible).

  93. nick

    How do i open it? i’m on a PC and i downloaded 7ZIP and i don’t know how to use it or open it. so, my question: How do i open the program to unzip type wild this process confuses me

  94. longbyte1

    Quite frankly the process is/was overcomplicated, there shouldn’t be a self extracting EXE inside a 7zip archive. Anyway, fire up the 7Zip File Manager, go into the archive, and click the minus symbol (Extract) or drag the contents out of the window and into a folder of your choice.

  95. nick

    Can you elaborate on that? i’m still having issues…. Is there a step by step process on how to do this that i just don’t know about? your help would be greatly appreciated!

  96. PRIZZA Post author

    Right-click the game file, choose “7-zip” from the dropdown menu, and then click “Extract Here”. 7-zip will then extract the game files into the same folder, and you can find the .exe and then double click it to play.

  97. nick

    I’m using winRAR to do this. is that my problem? also where can i get the 7ZIP file manager? Sorry for all the questions i have no idea how to do this DX

  98. Eddie

    I’m using XP, I tried compatability mode, all options, and I keep getting the black screen for half a second, please fix, help, or direct me to instructions please.

  99. longbyte1

    Did you extract all of the files before double-clicking the game? Also, are you trying to launch the multiplayer-compatible Type Wild without having renamed it first?

  100. RoninOfArt

    MEGA link is dead file dropper download seems to be jacked (corrupt archive) oh well I guess I’ll have to wait TWO WHOLE DAYS (sarcasm) for pokken.

  101. PRIZZA Post author

    The file from the filedropper link extracts properly for me, so please try extracting again with different software. I’ve updated the first link as well so you can try that again if you’d like. Thanks for the update.

  102. Caelan

    I’m on Windows 10, so that might be the problem, but Type Wild crashes whenever I select difficulty. It was fine once, and then it’s crashed ever sense. I’ve reinstalled three times now, no fix.

  103. mickomoo

    The game pops up and closes on Windows 10. I suspect it’s something with the IME? Do I need to change my computer’s regional settings to play?

  104. Leo Graber

    I’m on a mac and i downloaded the link for mirror 1 and tried to unpack it with files that open 7z files, but it keeps saying it can’t be opened! I’ve tried the 2nd one too but that one won’t even download fully for me! Can anyone plz help me!?!?!?!??!

  105. PRIZZA Post author

    Which software have you tried to use when extracting the game from the 7z file? Did you use Keka or a different software?

  106. PRIZZA Post author

    I have yet to test the game on Windows 10, but it may have something to do with the IME. If you find any solutions please let us know.

  107. Leo Graber

    PRIZZA i have tried downloading and using keka to open it but whenever i try using keka it says something like “keka can’t be opened” and i tried redownloading keka but the same thing keeps popping up. so i tried using another program called the unarchiver that in the settings it said it opens 7z files, but that won’t work and then i tried a program specifically meant for 7z files and that didn’t work. I tried lots of other ones but none worked.

  108. Leo Graber

    I am using OS X Yosemite 10.10.15 ( i was a little confused on this i think thats an operating system, thats what the website said)

  109. Leo Graber

    and i also got keka working, but when i tried to extract the archive it said there was an error I’ve tried multiple times

  110. PRIZZA Post author

    I’ll replace Mirror 1’s link tomorrow with a freshly packed version. I’m sorry for all the inconveniences. :(

  111. PRIZZA Post author

    I’ve uploaded a new version for “Mirror 1”, and I tested Keka with it as well. Let me know how it works for you.

  112. drew

    Whenever I download mirror 1 for windows the download takes like an hour and it always fails. :/ Can anyone help?

  113. longbyte1

    Woops, Mirror 1’s not MEGA, that’s some generic filehosting website. They tend to give you slow download times and then cut you off if it’s taking too long :/ I’d probably have it uploaded to a solid CDN.

  114. PRIZZA Post author

    I was forced to use a different upload site because MEGA removed my Windows version. On top of that, I’ve found they keep changing their UI and making more and more confusing for the average user to download a file. Suggestions are welcome.

  115. PRIZZA Post author

    I’m not sure. It may have been flagged or had a different issue. I’ve experienced this problem before, even with my personal files.

  116. Em

    Just to be safe i scanned the folder with avast, and, is reported TYPE WILD_ver_053t as “Win32:WrongInf-D [Susp]”

    is it just an issue with how it’s programed?

  117. Pika Chu7

    ok i will not download from idm but i request for a torrent if possible and i am just requesting you can deny if you want

  118. science-potato

    Hey so uh the joystick directions are greyed out for some reason? How do i fix that? I cant use the actualy joystick in game

  119. Ramen

    I was wondering if someone could help me.

    Anytime I try to run the game, it keeps opening then closing instantly. I believe it has something to do with my PC because my computer didn’t come downloaded with Java or Adobe nor anything so maybe i’m missing something? I have Java and Adobe now, but even with them I get the same result. I played this game on my old laptop and I really enjoyed it. I would really like to enjoy it once again with the nearly full English patch.

  120. longbyte1

    You don’t need Flash or Java to play this game. Are you using Windows 10? There are some reports that the game won’t load on Windows 10. Anyway, make sure the Type Wild .kgt file and the .exe file are in the same folder and have the exact same name.

  121. Ramen

    I am running windows 10 and the .kgt and .exe files are both the same. I even tried running it compatibility windows 7 mode just to be sure and that didn’t work either. I turned my anti virus off but still no luck. Any insight as to what the problem could be?

  122. Derek The Great

    While it is great that someone has made a very comprehensive translation of Pokemon Type Wild, I, like many other people trying to download this game, are experiencing long download times. Is there any chance of a dropbox download link, because they seem to be pretty fast from my experience. Great job on the translation!

  123. someone s omeone

    I started to play Pokemon Type wild fine and it was okay until i pressed it again. It gave the opening till it stops and gives an error Game Open Open Error[D_title.demo]. Can anyone help.

  124. PRIZZA Post author

    Which operating system are you using? Also, do you see the “Åö” symbols anywhere in any of the file names? Someone had mentioned before removing those letters helped them with booting the game.

  125. bob racer

    When I ran the game on Windows 10, it came up as an incompatible program. I tried running it in administrator mode and on windows 7 compatibility mode and that failed to do anything. it just keeps popping up for a second, crashes, and force closes. Anyone know of a fix or workaround to this?

  126. Mateo Valencia

    Ok so um I downloaded it and right clicked it in my file explorer (Im using windows) I clicked 7-zip and then open archive. I extracted the file that said Type wild R2 that appeared on screen. I then opened the file and double clicked the application to launch it put I get a message saying

    “TYPE WILD_ver_053t.ee – Application Error
    The application was unable to start correctly (0x0000022). Click Ok to close the application.”

    Any ways to solve or fix this?

  127. longbyte1

    Thank you for waiting. I am going to get a Windows 10 virtual machine to investigate why the game is not working. My suspicion rests on the fact that the game engine is over 10 years old, but it might be something different.

  128. Julian

    It’d be very nice if you add more Pokémon. I love it, it’s the best Pokémon battle I’ve ever played!.

  129. James Williams

    Please upload the mirrors to different sites. The current ones are terrible. The first one got cut off and there’s a 2 hour delay, and the second one didn’t download the whole file. Maybe on GDrive or Mega?

  130. oldmud0

    Unfortunately, I didn’t make this game; it was, I believe, a former artist for the Pokémon show who made this game. I certainly do not have any of the talents or time necessary to put something like this together.

  131. r1579

    anyone having luck trying to figure out the issue? been wanting to play the game again for so long, but everytime I try to open the application, it just instantly closes. I don’t even get an error message.

  132. oldmud0

    Strange. The only idea that comes up for me is that some asset file is corrupted or it can’t load the kgt file for some reason – those are the main reasons why it would close suddenly without error.

  133. r1579

    I was thinking windows 10 could be the issue cause I used to play it on my laptop on windows 7 and it ran beautifully. I tried compatibility mode and that did nothing and trying to run it in other bit modes didn’t help either. could an antivirus or another program prevent it from running altogether?

  134. oldmud0

    Obviously it has something to do with a change made in Windows 10 that breaks “legacy” applications. I just don’t know what it is, because I don’t use Windows 10, nor do I have a Windows 10 VM. I’d put my money on some old DLL that was removed eons ago, but for some reason has made its way back into three-quarters of the Windows 10 machines but not the rest.

  135. Knight_Leonhart

    Anyone find a way to make TYPE WILD work on windows 10? There must be some way to do it. I would hate to give up on it. There is little information on the subject and videos of it working stop in late 2015. It also seems like no one has even touched up on it not working other than this site. Any info would be appreciated. Thank you.

  136. DigiEggz Post author

    Which issue are you running into when trying to run on Windows 10? Does it just not run at all? I’ll try and see if I can get something working soon.

  137. Knight_Leonhart

    Nevermind, I found the issue and resolved it. Anyone dealing with error message 0xc0000022 and/or opening and immediate closing of application go to your PC Control Panel and look for “Turn Windows features on and off” under “Programs and Features.” Find the box labeled “Legacy Components” and check the box. Click the plus by “Legacy Components” and make sure “DirectPlay” is checked as well. Probably something everyone knew already but hope it at least helps someone. Thank you for your time anyways.

  138. X

    can you upload the windows version in either mediafire or mega because i’m experiencing slow downloads in alfafile and I can’t download it in filedropper because it says file not found

  139. EdithTheQueen

    I cant download the mac version on mega or mediafire, it says URL or link not found? Can you reupload it?

  140. FoodFighter133

    Everytime I try start the game up it says “The application was unable to start correctly (0x0000022). Click OK to close the application”
    Also can you use Dropbox, MEGA or Mediafire for the download links.

  141. Fury72888hshu

    Windows Mirror 1 and Mirror 2 download link not working, Please update it

  142. Ansemthewise59

    Thanks for keeping this up after all this time. I just learned of this game and am downloading it now! What an amazingly rare gem these developers created!

  143. Sana

    So; I’ve been wanting to poke around this game; maybe look into expanding it with more fighters or makeing the practiace mode more redially available, ets… Clearly you’ve toyed with its inner workings; so do you think you could help explain a few things; such as what program I’d need to get started?

  144. Leafpenguin

    I would love to help fully translate the art assets into english and even redo the menus for an hd setting, but still keep the same style and look, just update it all. I’m a graphic artist/designer and i would love to continue working on this i just dont know how to extract and or modify the art assets of the game. please contact me on discord Leafpenguin#5863 if i would be able to join a discord involving anyone who has translated or knows anything about this game or how extract or modify the assets of it =)

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