Digimon Unlimited APK 1.56


Do you miss the days of raising a Digital Monster? Perhaps you missed out entirely?

You can once again raise a virtual Digimon thanks to an Android app called “Digimon Unlimited”. This is one of the most complete Digimon raising apps that I’ve ever played. It has a huge selection of monsters that you can raise and tons of new features to boot. Raise, train, and battle with your Digimon once again!

One of the best new features is that you can battle other players all over the world thanks to a new battle server. You can also Jogress (DNA Digivolve) your Digimon with other players to get new and more powerful Digimon. The app is no longer available in the Android market, so I’ve found a copy of the Digimon Unlimited 1.56 APK that you can download and install on your Android-enabled device.

To install, simply click either of the download mirror links below, copy the Digimon Unlimited APK file to your Android device, and then tap the APK to install. Some deices wont automatically install APK files, so you may need another application to install them.

The files below are zipped with 7zip to save file space. To unzip .7z files you can download 7zip for Windows or Keka for Mac.


Password for .7z archive file: oneweakness.com

Digimon Unlimited APK

Note: This post will be updated as new updates are available. If you would like more information on Digimon evolution paths, check out this wiki. It’s a little lacking so I may compile all of the information into a new article in the future. Have fun!

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