Candystand Archiving

Hello everyone!

I’ve noticed that Candystand games are very commonly sought after, so I’m going to focus on adding some of the popular ones, such as Candystand Boardwalk Bowling. I will update this post with some links after I’ve archived a few.

If you miss any Candystand games let me know below.

53 thoughts on “Candystand Archiving

  1. Sanic

    I rember there was a 3d mini golf game and one more mini golf game near the sites end. The 3d mini golf game was removed before the site closed down however. Overall however, any game would be nice.

  2. Stuart Brown

    I would really appreciate it if you brought back the Waterpark and Mixing Factory pinball games. The Wayback Machine gets really annoying when trying to load candystand on it. Thanks so much for the golf!

  3. Sarah Jane

    I really appreciate you bringing back these mini golf games. I miss Candystand quite a lot, and there were two games that I loved – The Legend of the Golden Mask and Fore! It would be great if you could somehow retrieve these.

  4. Parker Reed

    Slipstream 1 and 2 (I think there may have been a third). 2 has pretty much vanished from existence.

  5. Eddy447

    Sarah Jane, that not the game Crash Nitro Mini Golf your looking for. He remade the game from scratch so it can be played on modern computers and Android devices and he upload it to site. So that game is missing. Scott Tannen who used to run Candystand site is gonna help up bring Candystand games back and republish them 100% free.

  6. Danielle S

    The CandyStand golf games don’t work very well. I downloaded the required software and am using Internet Explorer but the game freezes during every turn. Any other suggestions? I really would like to play a full game without it freezing. Please help!

  7. xxdanyell

    Eddy447 — I’m talking to you… do you know anymore about Scott Tannen bringing the Candystand games back?

  8. Eddy447

    xxdanyell, I contact Scott Tannen and he said he wish I could. He don’t own it, if he did he’d make them open source for everyone, he said to me. So I don’t know if he can guaranteed it or not. I’m assuming he might gonna buy the site and source code back and put it up for free, trying his best. He tried and he’d make the whole thing open source and free. Let him take another run at it.

  9. Joe

    There was a game on Nabisco/candy stand which was like a carnival shooting game with a western theme.

  10. Raul Perez

    Would absolutely love to play Bullpen Blast again… been searching for ways to play for weeks…

  11. thug bungalow

    this may be asking much, but is the archival of postopia mini golf possible? i and others would be extremely elated

  12. Parker Reed

    Well I found the old asset URLs Slipstream 1 and 2 load. Everything is long gone.

    Same games for Slipstream 2

  13. lane sim

    Please bring back the 80’s trivia game. The guy in it made me so uneasy as a id but i always played it fro some reason lol..

  14. Kyle

    I’ve been searching for years to play these games and I can’t believe they’re here, and so recent as well. Legit the happiest I’ve been in a long time to play the classic mini golf, some of my strongest memories are with these games. Thanks everyone so much for digging these games up.

  15. michael jermaine

    wish you would get boardwalk bowling
    remember me and a friend playing that one
    back in the day

  16. j.s

    I remember candystand had their own dodgeball game, I forgot the name unless I go to the wayback machine. There was also the game where it was called orbit sphere

  17. MaouYumisu

    Is it possible to get a hand of Candystand’s Sport Fishing game? I absolutely loved the game + the songs in it.

  18. James R van Dyck

    The game that I miss most of all is the wiffle ball game! That one has been gone for awhile, but it was really fun playing as the different kids and coming up with different pitches to strike kids out.

  19. VileChild

    If anyone is still out there, please find that CandyStand Dodgeball flash game. I have a screenshot of it. The advertisement in the game was Hubba Bubba Gum. I use to play it all of the time as a kid and would love to experience it again. I remember very clearly almost everything about the game. Hope someone sees this.

  20. Scott

    Hello, I was wondering if it was even possible still to find and archive another older build of Candystand Miniature Golf?

    This one was listed as the earliest of June 21st 2000 on the Wayback Machine and included courses for Bubble Yum, Fruit Stripe and Care*free just to name a few. If you’re able to find it that would be amazing! I have been enjoying playing these again after 20+ years, so thank you again for that! Feels good to relive those old memories.

    – Please keep posted.

  21. Scott

    Last one I can think of that is missing would be “Trolli® Stingin’ Red Ants Run” which was a Frogger like clone.

  22. Kk207

    I found slipstream and the vector series on Flashpoint, But I am still desperately trying to find slipstream 2 and stock car thunder. Really a lot of emphasis on slipstream 2, that game was my favorite on the site and I’d do anything to find it… Here’s flashpoint

  23. Alex

    Can you do Mini Golf: The Next 18 and Sweet Putt Mini Golf? I haven’t played them in a long time.

  24. Alex

    I still want Mini Golf: The Next 18 and Sweet Putt Mini Golf archived. Try contacting the developers.

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