Shockwave Collecting

Hello everyone,

It’s been a pretty busy year for me so far. I’m sorry I haven’t had more time to find and archive all the old games you all fondly remember. I still fully intend to go through all of your requests and try to archive as many games as possible.

Web preservation is important to me, but I also need to make sure I make enough money to survive at the end of each month. Finding and obtaining games takes a lot of time! If you’d like to donate to support my efforts, you can do so by clicking the donation button below. Thank you all for your comments and suggestions; they help me keep going.


One thought on “Shockwave Collecting

  1. Eddy447

    Update, I have two games that are my favorite if you want to add them. Anyways here are both of those games if you want them. Because both of those games are discontinued and no longer available to play at site. And there’s no chance that the Wayback Machine would archive them! So I decide to send you that.


    Starbase Defender:!OAkwkJwL!xJYxE3oqZAR5euY2h0sj2-yaLgzDV0r9ypsb1MZ4DAQ

    I only got Arcadia game working offline. But I could not get Starbase Defender game working offline, because that game needs domain to play. I would appreciate you to add them also on your site. And if you do got Starbase Defender game working offline to play, then please let me know.

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