Candystand Archiving

Hello everyone!

I’ve noticed that Candystand games are very commonly sought after, so I’m going to focus on adding some of the popular ones, such as Candystand Boardwalk Bowling. I will update this post with some links after I’ve archived a few.

If you miss any Candystand games let me know below.

9 thoughts on “Candystand Archiving

  1. Sanic

    I rember there was a 3d mini golf game and one more mini golf game near the sites end. The 3d mini golf game was removed before the site closed down however. Overall however, any game would be nice.

  2. Stuart Brown

    I would really appreciate it if you brought back the Waterpark and Mixing Factory pinball games. The Wayback Machine gets really annoying when trying to load candystand on it. Thanks so much for the golf!

  3. Sarah Jane

    I really appreciate you bringing back these mini golf games. I miss Candystand quite a lot, and there were two games that I loved – The Legend of the Golden Mask and Fore! It would be great if you could somehow retrieve these.

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